For your reading pleasure.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAs evidenced by the piddly little flow of blog posts that have been trickling out of this site lately, we are just rolling in exciting happenings over here these days.

Right. You know better.

Some of this week’s mesmorizing highlights included watching Parks and Rec while I graded homework assignments from last chapter since I am woefully behind, congratulating myself at the pump because I remembered to use the gas points that I had forgotten were piling up, reading Francophone books centered largely on incest and violence, agonizing over what vacuum to buy, and taking photos of a baby dressed as a bunny. Ok, so that last one was pretty exciting and there will be proof in due time. But for the rest — I’ll spare you. You’re welcome.

Instead, here are couple more exciting things drifting around the internet.

When we study the French Revolution, or any other event, we like to think that we are the “noble” peasants. But we aren’t. Loved this post by Bethany about teaching her class the nuances of history.

Real Simple celebrated their 15 year anniversary this month and rounded up their best recipes. I heartily concur that their chicken pot pie is the best ever. We always skip the baking step and serve it in bowls with squares of baked puff pastry on top.

My beloved sister-in-law (mother of the cutest nephew ever) opened an Etsy shop showcasing her  beautiful watercolors. Check out her custom nursery prints!

As I mentioned, we bought a vacuum this week, after almost three years of using a glorified electric broom on our two small rugs. My favorite blogger-turned-friend Jess (meaning, I basically comment stalked  her blog and Instagram until she gave up and became my real friend) wrote a really perfect post about her life crisis of buying a vacuum. While I am married, I think that she makes some really important points about mourning plans. I also want to give this list of criteria to all my future daughters. #dontdatenoscrubs

Said vacuum buying adventure obviously happened at Target, Mecca of All the Good Things. Though I went in for one thing, I came out with many others, including this swimsuit. Be honest: vintage chic or frumpy town? Things I didn’t buy, but wanted to, included golden owls to hang on my wall and this pillow with an octopus on it. Are octopi (octopuses?) a thing now? I’m very ok with that.

A couple weeks ago I got to celebrate the cutest little birthday ever. See some great pictures of Everly’s party here.

It’s good Friday, the beginning of the weekend where we celebrate the most important event in history, the moment when the whole order of things changed. I like to read this poem every Good Friday to go forward into the weekend. I also revisit this quote from my favorite atheist every Easter.

That’s all folks! Looking forward to the weekend as it promises [more] study marathoning, some dinners with friends, watching UK dominate the Final Four, celebrating Easter and saying the h-word that we avoided all Lent as much as possible, and devouring these cookies. What are you up to this Easter weekend?

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7 Responses to For your reading pleasure.

  1. Meagan M says:

    I hope that swimsuit isn’t frumpy because I bought it last summer 😄

  2. Wini says:

    Hello, I’m a long-time reader of your blog. (can’t recall if I’ve de-lurked before…) I wanted to say I appreciate your writing. Also, I’ve cleaned many homes and used many vaccum cleaners over the years in various capacities. I’ve never owned one as an adult because all the vaccuums I had used were bascially garbage. Fancy ones, old ones, Japanese ones; all basically useless. And then my husband and I sublet the apartment we are currently in and they had left their vaccuum behind. One use and BOOM my mind was changed. I know EXACTLY which one I will buy when it comes time to.

    • Hannah says:

      So glad that you delurked! And the vacuum we got is a GAME CHANGER. Though not the fanciest on the market, it WORKS and James and I spent all weekend marveling at our rugs.

  3. ashleykiker says:

    I understand the vacuum situation. Maybe someday I’ll get ride of my $30 vacuum. Also, what’s a single girl got to do to get some nice cookware?

    When I someday finally get to visit D.C. I will force you to be my real life friend and show me the best places to get donuts.

    • Jess says:

      Oh girl, I hear you when it comes to cookware. I just broke down and bought a Dutch Oven, heavily discounted from Kohls of course. Don’t wait to make your life nice and comfortable until someone comes along giving you an excuse to do so- you are reason enough!

  4. Jess says:

    You are SO my real life friend! I’m grateful for this little blogging world that has given me so many fun friendships! One day, we’ll be able to meet in person! Thanks for featuring my posts, I’m honored!

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