Grace & Jonathan // The Wedding

As promised, a wedding photo dump!

When I went to Cincinnati earlier this month, I knew that this would be an amazing wedding weekend. I knew that because every time I am with this family, it is perfect. And because I had been to their other daughter’s wedding a couple years ago, and it too was a blast. AND because doing Grace and Jonathan’s engagement photos showed me that this was a special couple. Throw in some college friends, lots of good food, and an art museum, and you have an event like none other. Plus, I wasn’t actually photographing this wedding, so I got to sit back and enjoy the weekend. But of course, I couldn’t resist snagging a couple photos, because that is how I enjoy things. The photos below will show you the objective beauty of this day. But what you can’t see is what a godly and outstanding couple this is, how everyone in attendance was made to feel honored and blessed for being there, and how much of the weekend was devoted to celebration of what God is doing in these two lives. Trust me – all of that was there. And all of that is what sticks in my memory, beyond even the beautiful venue or those perfect shoes. Grace and Jonathan- thanks for letting us all celebrate with you!

SchulerSpencer711-24 SchulerSpencer711-36 Untitled-2 SchulerSpencer711-42 SchulerSpencer711-50 SchulerSpencer711-52 Untitled-5 SchulerSpencer711-63 SchulerSpencer711-70 SchulerSpencer711-72 SchulerSpencer711-76 SchulerSpencer711-96 SchulerSpencer711-98 SchulerSpencer711-107 SchulerSpencer711-115 SchulerSpencer711-122 SchulerSpencer711-131 SchulerSpencer711-127 Untitled-4 SchulerSpencer711-155 SchulerSpencer711-147 SchulerSpencer711-139 Untitled-3 SchulerSpencer711-144 Untitled-1 SchulerSpencer711-165PS: You should probably go watch the teaser video that their videographer released because it is PERFECT and I think I have watched it at least 10 times.

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7 Responses to Grace & Jonathan // The Wedding

  1. Kate Zickel says:

    I love your hair I’m this! Her hairpiece is a knockout too!

  2. abby hummel says:

    Grace’s wedding is marvelous and everything, but… um… we can all agree JLB is the true star of this post. Flowers are a close second. But she wins.

  3. austinschneider88 says:

    Sorry I’m not sorry that I watched their video and now I’m IN LOVE with people I’ve never met! Those. Flowers. Mercy.

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