Does everyone know what time it is?

Jordwatch-37Jordwatch-38Jordwatch-41Jordwatch-42Jordwatch-44jordcollage3Jordwatch-59jordcollage2Jordwatch-49…TOOL TIME!

If you read the title and the above  wasn’t your response, than we obviously didn’t grow up in the same glorious 90’s world of Tim and Al. Wilson- come back and give us your unending wisdom.

But in today’s world, you probably don’t know what time it is, unless you happen to be close to your phone, because we all stopped wearing watches sometime around late high school. I held on until part of the way through college, frugally buying one $12 Walmart watch to replace another, an endless chain of cheap silver watches with pastel faces. When the last one gave out sometime close to 10 years ago, I wasn’t even really that sad. Who really needs a watch?

Yet when you are in a long graduate seminar that just. won’t. end, you find yourself wishing for a watch. Pulling out your phone to check the time would be a terrible faux pas, but a quick glance at a watch- much easier to handle. I decided that I wanted to invest in a watch sometime during my MA, but every time I sat down to troll the web for one, my $12-watch buying self balked at real adult prices and I shoved it back down the list of priorities.

When Jord offered to send me one of their amazing wooden watches (or as I like to think of it, a “wearable time tree”), I was thrilled. I spent weeks deciding, hesitating between the Cora, the Sidney, and the Ely as if this was the single most important decision ever. I finally decided that the one shown above went best with my obsession (addiction?) with cognac leather.  I was still a little nervous if I could pull off the big watch look, but once it came, I decided I didn’t care if I could pull it off because I’m a little taken by my pretty wood watch. I love the deep wood color, the simple silver interface, and the tiny pop of glam around the edges. I feel like I am wearing a cool chunky bracelet… but one that can also tell me how long until dinner. I couldn’t wait to take a whole slew of pictures in the trash alley behind our house (high glamour- I know) just so you could get a fine look at that time piece.

James, on all the pictures of woman in front of bland doors/walls that clutter up the Jnternet to show off their style: “Why does everyone look down and throw their hair over their face? It’s like you are all in the witness protection program.”

Thanks James, we all appreciate your running commentary on all things Internet-fad related. But mostly I just appreciate your willingness to stand out back and document my love affair with this watch. I don’t really expect to take it off much anytime soon.

Watch- c/o Jord Watches / Pants-Madewell / Shoes-Clarks / Shirt-Old Navy / Purse-purchased in France years ago when I stopped to go the restroom in a department store and accidentally came out with a purse and a cocktail dress.


Wooden Watch Review

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8 Responses to Does everyone know what time it is?

  1. Rebekah says:

    Forget the watch, I want those SHOES.

    • Hannah says:

      They are Clarks and SO COMFY. I’m all about comfort on the inside, glam on the outside. : ) I think they are on clearance at Macy’s right now!

  2. Jennette says:

    Accidental cocktail dresses are the best 🙂 also, very cute outfit. And I definitely can relate about really needing to know the time and not wanting to look like I’m texting.

  3. angeblogange says:

    Funny, funny! Time is 7.27

  4. petrielab says:

    Wow, you nailed the end-of-high-school time. I’ve got only one more year in high school and I recently stopped wearing watches. I suppose it is something wrong with me and the idea of Time. Anyway, I used to wear my watch anywhere, it was waterproof and when I accidentally forgot it at home, it was very frustrating to look at my wrist several times without realizing it is not with me. These wooden watches though might make me change my habit again. Thanks for the amazing post and gorgeous photos.

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