Taking Stock

fall feet

Making : A list of places to eat when I go to Portland next week for work… first time in the Pacific Northwest and I want alllllllll those recommendations!
Cooking : A quiche for a picnic that I am having at noon with the students who went with me to France in June.
Drinking : Chilly mornings have me back to my beloved Sweet and Spicy Good Earth tea.
Reading: All sorts of exciting books about urban migration in nineteenth century France. And about to start an audiobook about the Salem Witch Trials, so it’s just all fun and games around here.
Wanting: Easy Mac. I had some at my office last week and I haven’t stopped craving it since. But now that bacon cancer is a thing, I’m pretty sure Easy Mac is next.
Looking: At the pile of laundry that I am just so over folding.
Playing:  The Finding Neverland soundtrack- so good.
Wasting: Way too much time on so many things.
Sewing: [I think I just always leave this one in to hold myself accountable in hopes that SOMEDAY I will take up sewing.]
Wishing: That there was one more week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, because I’m looking ahead and there just isn’t enough time between the too for all my Christmas plans.
Enjoying: Having all my favorite shows back with new episodes, because grading + photo editing makes for some good TV time.  (Brooklyn 99 and The Good Wife FTW!)
Waiting: For Sunday, because it’s always my favorite day of the week.
Liking: The pile of tiny white pumpkins on our table and considering keeping them around all year.
Wondering: If this exhibit will be cool or creepy, and who wants to go with me? (James has already decided on creepy and refused.)
Loving: Cereal. We haven’t kept it on hand in years, but I suddenly got super tired of eggs and have been reveling in Cheerios.
Hoping: That we can find a new apartment….one day of hunting did me in this week and I decided to give up… as has happened every time the past couple years that we try to move.
Marveling: At how this deeply imperfect space that we have lived in for three and a half years has somehow managed to shift my perspective and become the standard against which all other apartments are measured — and found wanting.
Needing: More space though, like for real. This whole “I’ll just write my dissertation at one end of the table where we also do everything else” is getting a tad old.
Wearing: Tights. All those colorful tights that are here to set us free from boring clothes and leg-shaving till spring.
Following: @felinesofnewyork on Instagram. Do it now and thank me later.
Noticing: How we spend so much energy anticipating fall and then it starts to disappear before we can even blink.
Knowing: That maybe the above is true with everything in life.
Thinking: That the reason we all freak out and take so many almost identical pictures of fall in all it’s glory is because we have some sort of desperate attempt to stop time, hold on to fistfuls of colorful leaves, and believe that they won’t turn brown and crumble in our hands.
Feeling: Like this year nature is mocking me, with October being peak fall foliage and November promising lots of bare trees.
Bookmarking: Alllllll the pumpkin bread recipes. If we can’t hold onto fall, at least we can eat it.

How about you all? Taking stock of all the things in life always makes me aware of how wonderfully full even the most mundane weeks are.

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17 Responses to Taking Stock

  1. Rachel Lohrman says:

    When you are in Portland, visit Powell books: it is basically a city block of books. Also, the International Rose Garden, and do not forget to bring your camera. Love when your blog posts pop into my inbox!

  2. Kate Zickel says:

    You must go to Blue Star Donuts, Powell’s Book Store and Multnomah Falls. If you are looking for a good place for dinner, check out The Montage. They have the BEST mac and cheese I’ve ever tried. If you have time, you can also check out Busick’s Court for some seriously creative french toast.

  3. Eddie says:

    When you said the thing about “November promising lots of bare trees”, you reminded me of my favorite book, Watership Down, and how it has a bleak moment in the life of Hazel and his *warren mates, in a chapter entitled Like The Trees in November. Thanks for the moment of free association 🙂

    *In case you’re not familiar with the book, it is about the adventures of a fictional band of rabbits.

  4. Tina says:

    It’s a shame you will be 6 hours away from the younger, yet just as adventurous, Hannah Pugel who now lives in Redding, CA! rent a car and surprise her!! She would love it!

  5. Stephanie B. says:

    Stumptown is my all-time favorite coffee, and you need to check out Voodoo Doughnuts!

  6. Kristin Kelly says:

    I’m going to the Pacific Northwest for work next week too! When will you be in Portland?

  7. lisslynae says:

    If you’re in a soundtrack mood, find the soundtrack for Hamilton on youtube. Helpless is about the best song I’ve heard in ages. It’s based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, which seems like a very difficult thing to write a musical on, but the soundtrack is fantastic.
    And I am all about the bug exhibit at the Smithsonian! If I were a few hours closer, I’d join you!

  8. Michelle Livingston-Dickson says:

    Im freaking out that you are visiting my beloved home state of Oregon for the first time ever!!! Beware of falling in love (though, Oregon being Oregon, it will likely be rainy and foggy until the day you leave). Feel free to flood your blog/Instagram with Portland pics. We homesick ones will thank you. . Here’s my list:
    1. Powells. You can’t miss it ( because it is literally an entire city block bookstore). It’s also a great people watching spot. Coffee shop attached.
    2. Voodoo doughnuts. Worth the lines, for weirdly/rudely named deep fried pastries.
    3. Multnomah falls is about a 30ish min drive east of Portland in the Columbia river gorge. Definitely worth it if you have wheels/time
    4. Portland city grill at happy hour (usually 4-6?) Amazing food/panoramic views of the city. You can go for dinner, but it’s pretty expensive.
    5. Food carts: they are all over, they are soo good, cheap and very portland
    6. Stump town coffee is the best. Or, really any coffee is going to be waaaay better than what DC offers (sorry). Really, there is no excuse to drink Starbucks when in Portland.
    7. Pioneer courthouse square..it’s called portlands living room, and If you likel people watching this is the place to do it.

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