Wedding gowns for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving-35 Thanksgiving-37 Thanksgiving-38 Untitled-2 Thanksgiving-48 Thanksgiving-50 Thanksgiving-53 Untitled-1I know, I know- you are scanning this post and thinking Where are the tablescapes, the superfluous turkey shots, the details of potatoes and pies??? Because that is what we are all supposed to gram and blog from Thanksgiving. I promise- we really did [over] indulge on all the best turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pie. It was sandwiched in between some super healthy meals from my mom, as she and my dad started the Whole30 with us in January…. and never stopped. Thus, we dined on sea kelp and curry the day after our turkey binge. But still- all the classics were present and accounted for.

Yet while I am indeed thankful for all the tasty and lovely food that we ate, that definitely wasn’t, and usually isn’t, the best part of Thanksgiving break. After their year of super healthy eating, my parents are so fit that we were able to convince my mom to dig back out her wedding gown and try it on. She insisted it wouldn’t fit, but we dragged out the dress and made her try it on, only to discover that she looked once again like she did on her wedding day 37 years ago. Of course, I got all nostalgic and dragged my dress back out and wiggled into it too, and then my mother and I romped around the house in our very similar dresses.

I can’t even tell you how special it is to see my mom standing in exactly the spot where I stood when my dad came to see me all dressed for my own wedding, but for him to see her instead. I can’t tell you special it was too see my mom looking like I had only seen her in pictures, wearing the dress that her own mother got married in 65 years ago. I can’t tell you how special it was to start our Thanksgiving, not just with parade watching and pie-making, but with a giddy reminder that this, this family, this community, this heritage of strong marriages and deep love is what I am most thankful for.


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8 Responses to Wedding gowns for Thanksgiving.

  1. AH! This made me cry! So beautiful.

  2. Dana says:

    This brought tears to my eyes…


  3. Angela Stone says:

    Twirling in a wedding dress is easy – living with another person is the challenging part. I’m so thankful for my husband who still makes me laugh, who always is my supporter, and who puts up with my OCD personality. And without this wonderful husband, there would not have been my amazing daughter Hannah’s blog!

  4. Raewyn says:

    Oh my goodness! I had to look twice again. I actually thought it was you in the twirling photos. You are so like your mother.
    What a wonderful way to spend your time with your family xxx

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