On the 6th Day of Christmas…

12daysofChristmas-17Untitled-1 12daysofChristmas-18 12daysofChristmas-19 12daysofChristmas-21 12daysofChristmas-22 12daysofChristmas-23 12daysofChristmas-26 12daysofChristmas-1512daysofChristmas-1612daysofChristmas-1 I am fairly certain that the actual 12 days of Christmas run from Christmas to Epiphany. Yes? No? Anyone want to correct me? Of course you do — this is the internet and everyone loves “helping” others be correct.

But even if the actual 12 days come later, I feel like December and the beginning of Advent have me singing around the house about French hens, GOLD RINGS (Because who doesn’t yell that part? It’s like a brief respite of something we know in endless refrains of verses we forget.), and the entire village worth of people milking/leaping/dancing/etc. As soon as December comes, we all just finding ourselves wanting to count down to Christmas, wanting to merrily sing down those days. At our annual Christmas Eve party, I always try to get everyone to sing the full “12 Days of Christmas” with me, but I think I have some Scrooges and Grinches among my near and dear, because everyone does a lot of protesting before sometimes agreeing to sing just the last verse and count down from twelve. Not fair, not fair at all. It’s the progression that’s exciting, the building list of ridiculous gifts, the anticipation. I love it. I content myself by cranking up this version almost daily and singing along.

This year, I am loving counting my 12 days down with these beautiful prints. I mean y’all- those French hens! The tiny eggs from the geese! The majestic stag-a-leaping! I can’t get enough. I plan on just continually rotating through them all through December by setting them on a tiny easel on my shelf. My sister-in-law painted them and is currently giving away a set a day for these first twelve days of Christmas through her women’s publishing house, Wandeling Press, where she and her co-founder are working on publishing their first children’s book. I know that I mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. Laura and another of my friends from college have teamed up to bring beautiful poetry and lovely illustrations back to the sometimes sparse terrain of books for toddlers and babies. Plus, their goal is to use their own book to launch a publishing house that empowers and equips women to publish more books like these. This is absolutely a project that you want to be a part of if you a) have a kid or b) know a kid or c) believe in women going after big dreams.

And these cute prints? You all need them. Really, you do. Ok, so I suppose “need” is a fluid concept here, but they are so fun. Plus, they are giving away one set a day to one of their Kickstarter backers, which means that by supporting this amazing project, you statistically have pretty good odds of winning. For just $15, you can pre-order a copy of the book AND enter to win these awesome prints.  Go forth and do so here!

What’s that, you want to see all 12 in a nice photo-grid? Well on the 6th (kinda) day of Christmas, here you are. Which day is your favorite? all12days Don’t ever say I never gave you anything.

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5 Responses to On the 6th Day of Christmas…

  1. abby hummel says:

    I have two dreams.
    1) That we will all be together some year for a Christmas in Africa to hear 12 drummers drumming above the Serengeti.
    2) That I will read my children Woolies for the Winter and many other beautiful books from the lovely ladies of Wandeling Press.
    2a) That my children will therefore be half as talented as Laura and Betsy.

  2. abby hummel says:

    Is that three dreams? I’m not sure. Maybe.

  3. E.H says:

    I LOVE these!

    Also, how do you get such big curls, girl? They look so lovely!

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