It will never be easier than now.

DecemberSometimes it is tempting to think that life is hard.

I’m not alone in this. I hear it in my student’s complaints, in the grumblings of everyone I meet (because let’s not pretend that any one of us never grumbles), in the words of most people. We all think that life is kind of hard. This is especially true at Christmas, when there is just so much to do and we want to be merry and bright with every last fiber of our being, but we are a little more on the weary and broke side of things.

It is especially tempting to think that life is hard this December, as we are trying to celebrate and prepare for Christmas in the midst of car shopping, paperwork filing, etc. I have spent the last couple weeks frantically keeping up with end-of-semester details and grading and trying to turn in my dissertation prospectus (I defend tomorrow!), while James has no extra minutes since every December is a game of chicken with Congress and the budget that makes every politico burn the midnight candle from both ends. We are tired. We are having to spend lots of money. We are stressed. And so, it is tempting to think that life is hard and that maybe someday, it will get easier.

But in the midst of this Christmas season, I have been reminded instead that it will never get easier than now. When we started decorating our apartment, I dug our Christmas stuff out of storage (read: the giant plastic bins on the porch). Every last Christmas decoration — all 3 strands of lights, 16 ornaments, 1 mug, 1 vase, 4 fake cranberry sprigs, 2 pot holders,  a couple prints, and one golden moose — fits in a small box and one plastic grocery bag. We decorated in under an hour. And as every year I find myself adding one or two tiny things to the stash, I remember — it will never be easier than now.

We’ve been able to squeeze in all our favorite Christmas outings in the midst of the busy, because even though we are two people with busy schedules — we are just two people. Home cleaning is something that has… shall we say, slipped a little lately. But the other day I did a deep clean because I found that I had 1 extra hour, and that is pretty much enough time to clean our apartment, since it is approximately the size of four shoe boxes. Someday, we would love to live somewhere bigger, have kids, buy a house– add all sorts of wonderful complications to our life. Which is why this Christmas season reminds me — it will never be easier than now. Life is ever expanding and every expansion makes it harder, even if it also makes it better.

And for some people, life is hard now. Lately we have been praying hard over people in our lives, shedding tears over illness and loss and sin that rips apart families and hearts. There are so many people I love who are desperately praying for days when things are easier than now, and I am rooting right alongside them. And that reminds me to think twice before starting up my stressful, self-indulgent, and misguided pity-party.

So today, as I am trying to tackle the pile of mail that is breeding on the table, trying to address the Christmas cards that have sat neglected by the couch for a week, trying to write an amazing prospectus presentation to wow my committee and distract them from the holes in my research, trying to clean the floors and make food for later in the week, trying to squeeze in a run, trying to sort out “new” car paperwork and make sense of it all, trying to finish up wedding photos for clients, trying to enter in all those last grades for my students, trying NOT to just take a nap and watch Hallmark Christmas movies (though I do love the reminder that God sent his son at Christmas so that we could all have hot boyfriends), I am chanting to myself, like a holy incantation over my day —

It will never get easier than now.

Might as well enjoy it.

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16 Responses to It will never be easier than now.

  1. Faina says:

    I love this! Always love your Christmas posts.

  2. austinschneider88 says:

    “though I do love the reminder that God sent his son at Christmas so that we could all have hot boyfriends” – cracking up at my work desk over this. Thank you so much for this blog post – as an unmarried woman with no pets or children, I should have it easier than most, and yet I do not always (aka rarely) have that perspective. Good reminder to keep the self-importance in check and be grateful for where I am. 🙂

    • Hannah says:

      IT IS SO TRUE… because Hallmark said so. And hey- married people don’t hold the monopoly on hard lives. Singleness has challenges that I think married people disregard too much!

  3. I love this post, I think it is so easy to feel so overwhelmed, and also SO EASY to just take stock of what is, and improve from there.

    Hugs and prayers to you and yours.

  4. joannie6535 says:

    When you find yourself bemoaning over how difficult it is, try going here to look at images of the depression in the 1930’s. Yale just released thousands. Amazing how hard it was for our grandparents….so very hard.

  5. E.H says:

    Thank you for your ever wise perspective. I am going to say that to myself every time I want to complain during this hectic time of year (or any time of the year!). And best of luck on your defense!!!

  6. mandikorn says:

    You are the second blogger in one week for me that has written about the same things. Trust me, when you have kids and a bigger house, what you have now, is definitely easier:o) The holidays have us all riding on emotional roller coasters and every single one of us tackles too much. Its so hard to slow down, take it from someone who never sits down….but tells my daughter to relax all the time. I am sorry for your tears over people in your life who are suffering, it seems that this time of year, things usually go from bad to worse. I just started following your blog and look forward to future posts. Thanks for sharing

  7. Emily Dimock says:

    Lovely – such a great reminder! Thank you.

    Kind regards, Emily

    Emily Dimock (+64) 021908990

  8. Nancy says:

    I hope your defense went well!

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