The family photo dump.

If you have been reading around here for long, you were probably getting very worried that you would be spared the annual family photoshoot that I always drag you through in excruciating detail following Christmas (like these fine bits of memory lane from 2010, 2011, 2012, apparently 2013 disappeared somewhere, and 2014). But fear not– we dragged that tripod out into the woods as always and rocked our delay-timer photographed Christmas shoot.Family2015-2When preparing for photos, it is important to select a color palette that is easy to follow and instantly understood by everyone. This is why I declared “muted woodland” and inflicted it on everyone. Some members of our crowd seemed confused by what that meant, and I had to repeat the obvious answers -beige, cream (obviously different than beige), hunter, sage, gray, chambray, tan, maroon, leather, denim — multiple times. But eventually, we were appropriately frocked and ready to whip out our best poses… Family2015-8Like the one where we cluster in couples and pretend to be goofy, minus some members of the family who participate by not participating. Family2015-9…Or the one where we prance around like the cast of Friends, strolling through a path not quite wide enough for us to all saunter arm in arm. Family2015-13And Zach’s introduction of Liz into the family makes the sibling set complete!  Untitled-1 Family2015-68Oh what, these old things? We just happen to have matching blankets wrapped around our necks as we toss our coiffed hair in a woodland clearing- NBD. Untitled-3 Family2015-50 Untitled-2Ok fiiiiiinnnne- we can all admit that maybe Zach and Liz win for best interpretation of “muted woodland.” They are like a flipping Eddie Bauer add for love over here. But Lyman and Ruth win “best coordinating outfits,” and James and I get to have a baby, so I guess we are all winners of some sort. Family2015-57The boys… Family2015-72The girls… Family2015-77 Family2015-80 Family2015-82… and the in-laws who have learned to tolerate our crazy pack. Team #winlaw forever.Family2015-85 Family2015-5No one I love better than this bunch in their muted woodland finery. Till next year, O Faithful Tripod!

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7 Responses to The family photo dump.

  1. E.H says:

    This was fun! I especially enjoyed looking back at the older family photos. Your parents look so different. They are looking very fit in this year’s photo shoot. They are an inspiration to me! I’m hoping we love Whole30 as much as they do! 😀 Great pictures. You all look lovely!

    • Hannah says:

      They started it in January…. and then just never really stopped– they look awesome!!!! I know you all will love it, or at least, you will love how you feel!

  2. mandikorn says:

    What a wonderful bunch of photos, you have a beautiful family

  3. Jackie says:

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful family!

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