Scenes from the snowstorm.

blizzard2016On Friday, we moved, racing against the blizzard. DC freaks out about snow on a regular basis, and usually it ends up being a major letdown. An inch or two that, while less than impressive, manages to cripple this city that never got the message about pre-treating roads for ice. Thus, when they predicted snow, I originally ignored it and continued to plan our move for Saturday. But when the movers called and announced that it was Friday morning or nothing, I started tossing things in boxes and throwing out belongings with zeal that would make Marie Kondo explode with happiness. On Friday, we worked alongside our team of movers, doing the last two loads in our car as the snow started swirling. We had to abandon our box spring when it wouldn’t fit up the stairs, which means that it is now a small snow mountain and I am dreading having to dig it out to dispose of it.

And then the snow came, and it didn’t stop, and by Saturday afternoon we had over three feet of fluffy white, with drifts that easily came to mid thigh and higher.

The joy of a city snowstorm versus a country snowstorm, is that you are just stranded enough for all obligations to be cancelled, but not so stranded that you can’t venture out for fun. We followed the numerous Capitol Hill residents who heeded the irresistible call of seeing the Capitol dome obscured by the blizzard and set out on foot. In the absence of anything but emergency vehicles, everyone trekked along in the streets, a merry procession of dogs wearing coats and shoes (because, EAST COAST Y’ALL), and parents hauling sleds of kids to the Capitol.

We stopped first for brunch at a friends’ house, before heading back out at the peak of whiteout conditions. After the unremarkable view of the Capitol (as in, non-view, because BLIZZARD), we went to a dive bar and got the best mozzarella sticks on the planet, squeezing in with the masses of people in wet boots who had the same idea.

But beyond the fun ventures out, James and I spent the [long and getting longer] weekend just snug in our new little home, sifting through boxes and re-wearing clothes because finding new ones was too much work. We focused on settling in, ignoring set schedules, and embracing the cozy laziness a blizzard demands.

Couldn’t ask for a better snowstorm.


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9 Responses to Scenes from the snowstorm.

  1. I am so genuinely bummed to have missed this snowstorm!

  2. WomanLoved says:

    Congratulations on your move. May it be a home blessed with peace, joy and love and be a real sanctuary for you and your (developing) family. X

  3. I love snowstorms, and for all the reasons listed here (minus the moving part, because that sounds cray-cray).


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