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This weekend we are planning on a low key Valentine’s Day of fast food burgers and the new Zoolander movie, as I love Zoolander more than any human alive. We might unpack the couple remaining boxes strewn around our new place…but we probably won’t. Instead, we will probably marvel at our new space and drink warm drinks on the couch since it promises to be bitterly cold.

Now then. Some more interesting things around the internet.

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We have upstairs neighbors for the first time … and let’s just say that this video rings true.

This week marks 8 years since James asked me on our first date in college. I remember informing some friends that I would definitely go, since we had been doing the pining thing for awhile, but I couldn’t see myself marrying him or anything. And here we are, married and having a baby, and I read this article and just sat and bawled for awhile.

“After a decade of marriage, if things go well, you don’t need any more proof. What you have instead — and what I would argue is the most deeply romantic thing of all — is this palpable, reassuring sense that it’s okay to be a human being. Because until you feel absolutely sure that you won’t eventually be abandoned, it’s maybe not 100 percent clear that any other human mortal can tolerate another human mortal. The smells. The sounds. The repetitive fixations on the same dumb shit, over and over. Even as you develop a kind of a resigned glaze of oh, this again in, say, marital years one through five, you also feel faintly unnerved by your own terrible mortal humanness.”

Finally got these shoes that I have crushed on for years and they are pretty swell. Of course, then I learned that sometimes your feet grow during pregnancy and do not return to normal afterwards, so now I am appropriately stressed.

As I said yesterday, we have mostly kinda failed at this round of Whole30, meaning some total transgressions, and some paleo cooking that doesn’t count but is still healthy-ish. In the process, we discovered the absolute best paleo cookies I have ever put in my mouth. Even James had to confess that they weren’t just “healthy good, but actual good.” Make them now – and go ahead and add 2 TBS coconut flour for extra fluff.

Adnan’s hearing! I’m hanging on every word, even if our home is firmly divided between those of us who think he is innocent (me) and those heartless souls who stand by the due diligence of law enforcement and find him guilty (James).

I found this post through Grace’s resurrected blog (YAY), and I just love how it recognizes that even being staunchly pro-life doesn’t make you happy or excited about having an unplanned baby. I think this is a vitally important message that too often gets missed. Choosing life is a sacrifice, but one worth every ounce of pain.

Art + ballet + good clothes = beautiful.

Obviously I am loving every second of Ben’s search for love on The Bachelor this year, and loving too Juliet’s podcasts (the ones titled “Bachelor Party”). Team Jojo all the way. I also loved this, as it is highly accurate.

And to unite my favorite reality TV and my least favorite reality (ie, the terror that is Trump somehow maybe being the actual Republican candidate???? DEMOCRACY MIGHT JUST BE A TERRIBLE IDEA Y’ALL!), here is an article about understanding the Christie-Rubio situation through the lens of the Bachelor.

Happy weekend! Stay warm and eat lots of chocolate.


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6 Responses to This & That

  1. First, I love your blogs. You have inspired me to pull my camera out, dust it off, and begin snapping. Second, that sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day weekend to me. Third, the YouTube clip of the neighbors upstairs is HILARIOUS!!! I had neighbors like that once which is why I vowed to never have anyone living over me. Finally, I love that quote about marriage. I’ll be there one day. 🙂 Enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

  2. Ashley Smith says:

    So many thoughts! Welcome to life with upstairs neighbors. May yours be less artistic than the couple in the video. 🙂 And YES isn’t it awesome that Grace started blogging again???? You know, she has loads of baby gear advice. (So does I love JoJo too but I don’t think Ben does. I LOVE all the recap blogs. Better than the actual show! I had the same thought you did back when I read Blythe’s post. Pro-life isn’t cheery all the time. It means accepting the cost a child will mean in your life because that life is inherently valuable. Lastly…if we don’t look at Trump do you think he will go away?

    • Hannah says:

      I will go check out her advice because I love everything she writes! See, I think he does like JoJo…. but I am admittedly a week behind so anything could have changed yesterday!

  3. Gretchen says:

    Oh yes, the upstairs neighbors. That video is mine to a tee. I recommend a strong sense of humor and a good pair of earplugs. You’ll develop an exceptional ear for identifying random noises. For example, I’m now particularly good at distinguishing between the rolling sounds of metal salt shakers and bowling balls, which are quite similar but have a subtle tonal difference. You never know when such knowledge will stand you in good stead. 😉

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