Top 10 from last weekend.

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Ten things that made last weekend awesome, in no particular order. Followed by not awesome things that are so obnoxious that they don’t get their own numbers, earning instead one long line with commas.

1. The weather. SPRING. I know it is coldish again this week, but it’s a coming.

2. First picnic of the year!

3. Lazy picnicking, which meant grabbing Good Stuff burgers and fries instead of taking the time to pack and plan.

4. Couple besties who are having a baby a mere two months ahead of us. Matching bumps and built in friends.

5. Trees that are blooming insanely early and stopping me in awe.

6. Starting Saturday with a date to the Pretzel Bakery for pretzel sliders and Nutella stuffed pretzel bombs.

7. Wearing this sweatshirt all weekend long. It is a gift from some of my very favorite students, for whom I was maman poule last summer in France, and I am obsessed. Plus, being pregnant means that once you find an outfit that is fitting and you are loving at the moment… you wear it like 5 times in a row.

8. Did indeed make this spinach tomato pasta bake, and it was awesome, not to mention cheap and easy. (Shout out for Aldi almost having everything I needed for groceries this week. Anyone who shops at Aldi knows that the trade off for the world’s cheapest groceries is the knowledge that you might only succeed with 50% of your list.)

9. Continued our process of spiritual discipline as we prepare for our baby by hitting confirmation class at our church…. and by watching the next installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, Fast Five. Yes, I realize they are all the same, and yes I love them all. Am I considering decorating our nursery exclusively with quotes from Dom Toretto? Maybe. #ilivemylifeaquartermileatatime

10. Lazy Sundays with James.

And the not-fun: taxes, Daylight Savings time, taxes, Trump supporters who tried to persuade me as I waited in line for hours at the DC primary , taxes, a cold that has come back again even though I feel like I just beat it, taxes, last pair of pre-pregnancy pants no longer buttoning, TAXES.

But all in all, I’d say the good far outweighed the bad.

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6 Responses to Top 10 from last weekend.

  1. E.H says:

    ALDI! Totally know what you mean! 😉

  2. asilvercord says:

    You both are so lovely!! I can’t wait to see the babies. ❤️❤️

  3. Heidi says:

    Yes on Aldi; I am trying to temper my excitement at our finally getting one by realistically assuming I’ll only be able to shop there half the time.
    Also add to your list of commas (for us): car shopping. And not the pregnancy pants situation, but realizing that my 28 year old metabolism is not what my 22 year old metabolism was, and now I NEED to run.

  4. Nikki says:

    #9 YES!!! That’s not something you see often, so thanks for sharing!

    Taxes…holy mess taxes 😦

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