A Foxy Shower.

DCshower3I cannot stop feeling humbled and blessed by the way that our community has reached out to embrace this little baby before he comes into the world. Of course, after he comes, he could (will?) be a screaming/pooping banshee, so maybe it’s easier to embrace him when he is still safely confined to my person.

Our life here in DC has been punctuated by so many showers, ranging from the one that my friends through for my wedding the very first year I lived here, to ones that I have gotten to throw to celebrate babies and marriages over the years. A couple weeks ago, a group of my friends here came together to throw and absolutely perfect shower for our boy. I have been able to throw showers for almost all of these women over the past couple years, and they went all out returning the favor, an endless cycle of smothering each other in love and finger foods that is just the best. While I have struggled to come up with any sort of coherent theme for the “nursery” (read: only room other than ours that currently doubles as storage, guest bedroom, and wasteland of objects that still can’t find a place in our new apartment) beyond “gender neutral gray and white so all future kids can share,” they know my love of tiny woodland creatures and organized the cutest fox themed party.  My friend Susannah also took the most beautiful photos of the day, and I tried to narrow it down to a relatively respectable number to share. DCshower2BABY FOXES. Nothing cuter. My friend Christine organized a lot of the decor and everything she does is impossibly classy. DCshower4Not shown: The deviled eggs, of which I ate approximately 20. I have zero deviled egg restraint. I wouldn’t sit down and just plow through a dozen eggs, but 24 deviled eggs? NOT EVEN A PROBLEM.DCshowerDCshower5Really appreciating the preemptive vote of confidence from that cute little pouch!DCshower6If you are capable of opening precious tiny baby clothes without making faces like that one above, TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. Because almost all of the photos were me doing weird duck faces of excitement about little onesies and bibs. I know, you are just THRILLED for the wave of attractive pics to come once I actually look at this boy. My face will probably just get stuck like that. 60-Hannah's baby showerMy friend Liz made our boy the best knit blanket! James is a tad concerned that my penchant for having everything in neutral blah colors will stunt our son’s mental development somehow, so I’m relieved that he has bold pops of color in his linens. DCshower7Les was a couple days past her due date at this point, and has since welcomed the most precious baby girl! We are pretty pleased about the posse of built in friends that our baby already has. (Although, we really need more people in our lives to have boys to give our son some rowdy buddies- please??)70-Hannah's baby showerWith the outstanding shower throwing committee! Love these ladies so much and couldn’t feel more blessed to have them in our lives.

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2 Responses to A Foxy Shower.

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m so glad you had such a nice shower. By the way, I love your dress! It looks great on you! Excited for you and James and the arrival of your sweet baby boy!

    • Hannah says:

      Thanks! It is actually a non-maternity dress from Banana Republic that is stretchy and thick and thus very forgiving. I have it in black two and love it so much! Though admittedly… that shower was the last day I think I was able to wear anything nonmaternity!

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