The last in a string of adorable newborn photos! Also my last photoshoot for the indefinite future, which is kind of exciting. Photography has been such a blessing and a joy over the past years, but I’m slashing and burning commitments to make room for changes to our lives and schedules. It was so fun to end on this note, with Leah and her family, as I have been photographing her sister Clara since she was born. Welcome to the world Leah Isabelle!Leah-98Leah-65Leah-55Leah-63Leah-85Leah-93Leah-75Leah-6Leah-2Leah-15Leah-19Leah-28Leah-33

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3 Responses to Leah.

  1. Wendy Teare says:

    Beautiful- wonderful- joyful 💓💓

  2. WomanLoved says:

    You take gorgeous photos of gorgeous babies… It makes me broody for another. Newborns are so delightful and they all make the same faces (I call it the newborn face loop). Enjoy the arrival of your son when he comes. X

  3. Alice Noble says:

    I think someone was a little sleepy…glad she made it through. Wonderful pictures in any case, beautiful pictures of a beautiful family….Love you all, Granny

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