Late night reading roundup.

juneI spend at least 40% of my time these days sitting with Henry in my arms, either nursing, or incapable of moving because he is sleeping so peacefully and I just can’t put him down. I know that eventually (read: “next week when James is back at work so I will officially be solo for the first time”), I will have to just put him down and let him cry so I can get some things done, but we just aren’t there yet. My captive position gives me lots of time for scrolling through my phone, reading the entirety of the Internet and pondering all sorts of weighty and trivial matters. Should you also find yourself trapped somewhere in need of some distraction, here are some of my late night cyber wanderings.

Building a quality and ethical children’s wardrobe. Ok, so really I just love all of Mary’s posts and the things she shares make me extra excited to be a boy mom.

Beautiful photos, recipes, and ramblings that made me cry, which is the right thing to do.

Obsessed with this Old Navy Shirt dress, because NURSING and shirt dresses that actually work for wide hipped women!

On that note, when I needed to wear nursing friend attire for the wedding a couple weeks ago, I quickly realized that my wardrobe is not at all nursing friendly. Christine kindly loaned me this nursing (and bump!) friendly dress and I am thinking I might need to buy one of my own – maybe in mint or teal?

I’m in the market for good summer sandals that I can wear with everything and walk for miles. I have always been emphatically not a sandal person, so this is uncharted territory for me. Any suggestions? I have my eyes on these and these and these and these . So really my eyes are all over the place.

And the last shopping link, but I am a devoted sunscreen wearer and always in the market for better blends. During one lengthy feeding session, I made it through the issue of Real Simple that I have been carrying in my purse for a month and discovered this sunscreen mist that you can spray over your makeup. Finding that someone has invented something I constantly wish existed is the best feeling ever.

What good is it being queen at 90 if you can’t wear lime green and freak everyone out?

Sometimes, instead of sitting with my phone, James and I stay up and watch TV when Henry is asleep which I know is stupid stupid stupid because we are losing precious opportunities to sleep. But we just can’t resist the call of chilling on the couch together and not focusing on the baby for a couple minutes. We just started watching Sherlock Holmes, and we are already distressed that there aren’t many episodes. Any recommendations for similar mystery shows?

Loved reading these reflections on “scruffy hospitality”.

I re-read or re-listen to this about once every other year, I found myself thinking about it in the midst of another late night feeding, when I was nodding off and just desperately wanted to go back to sleep. This is water, I told myself, this is water.

Happy (almost) weekend!


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13 Responses to Late night reading roundup.

  1. E.H says:

    We’re watching Sherlock, too, & loving it!!!!

  2. Kate says:

    Watch Miss Fisher’s Mysteries on Netflix … A cross between Downtown Abbey (that time period) and Murder, She Wrote (that genre, not era).

  3. fraustrecker says:

    you’re too kind! i’m actually pretty stoked that you’ve joined the “boy mom” ranks. you are already nailing it. also, i just have to say that although i’m sure there’s a lot going on behind the social media scene, i am really impressed and encouraged by how you are so quickly being adventurous with your baby in tow. it’s not an easy thing to do, but you’re doing it! getting dressed! enjoying the beauty around you! these are the things that will help you savor this sweet and difficult time of life. and that photo of h in the stroller is killing me it’s so cute. thanks, also, for “the right thing to do” piece. loved it.

    • Hannah says:

      I think the “adventurous” bravery is really just a function of how much he loves sleeping in the stroller compared with everywhere else… walks are the best way to get some calm and he will then stay napping at a coffee shop (loves that humidity!) so I can sit and get things done. : )

      So soon you will have your own newborn again!!!

  4. Audrey says:

    The article you shared, “This is Water”, is BRILLIANT! There is SO much to think about that I can understand why you reread it regularly!

  5. Katie says:

    Oops! I just tried to post with the wrong account. Sorry!

    Long story short: I also recommend Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries! Kate’s description is spot-on, though I’d add it has a healthy dose of Agatha Christie-ness thrown in!

  6. Abigail says:

    A bit late to comment, but British whodunits are one of my favorite things, so here are a few suggestions 🙂
    *Foyle’s War (all-time favorite miniseries, though the first season is a bit stiff!)
    *Whitechapel (very dark but fabulous cast!)
    *Death in Paradise
    *The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
    *Broadchurch (worthy of all the hype it generated when it aired)

    I second the Miss Fisher recommendation too! I’m not a fan of the Escape Artist (too creepy) or Grantchester (not enough character development). Happy watching!

  7. I love link posts! Thanks for sharing. I recently bought the Mayari sandals (exactly like those Birkenstock Yara’s, but minus the ankle strap) and adore them! I can walk for ages and they’re way more stylish than my usual Chacos. In my opinion it’s worth the extra $20 to get real leather, not the Birkofloor synthetic. Also, re: mystery shows, we have recently gotten completely sucked in to Broadchurch… but it might be a little disturbing especially if you’re a parent. Great television though!

  8. Fabienne says:

    Dear Hanna
    Although I live very far away, I enjoy every single one of your blogposts! You have the gift of describing things so honest, fun and deep that it inspires me very much.
    I recently bought sandals from Timberland (the model is called Bailey Park Cross Vamp Sandals) – you feel as if you walk on clouds, plus they make feet look nice (although I guess that’s kind of individual…). Hope you will find something lovely!

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