Maybe the last wedding post.

Maybe, but don’t make me promise.

The anticipation of Zach and Liz‘s wedding coincided almost exactly with the nine months I was pregnant, a combination I don’t recommend unless you want to stress out everyone around you as you continue insisting that everything will be fine, and that obviously you will be at the wedding. The last month was a constant back and forth about if this baby would cooperate, and when he finally did, no one was happier to be on that dance floor than me.

Obviously I wanted to be at that wedding because I love Zach and Liz and we show up for our family. But I also wanted to be there because I knew that it would be an objectively amazing wedding. Liz and I texted and talked about details all year and I was so devastated at the idea that I might miss THE wedding of the year (century? EXISTENCE?). One of the details I was most excited about was her photographer. I had been fan-girling hard for Perry’s work for over a year, and when I suggested (read: BEGGED) that Liz look into her, I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. She shoots film, has a perfect eye, and makes everyone glow like dewy fairies. Every time I would get mopey about being 39 and a half weeks pregnant at the wedding and resembling a whale in my long dress, James would comfort me not with lies like “you’ll look great!” but with the beautiful truth: “Perry will make you radiant.” He trotted out this same truth when I ended up being 1 week post-partum at the wedding, with all the bleary eyes and haggard looks that this implies.

And he was right – Perry perfectly captured this impossibly beautiful day in photos that radiate out all the joy we were feeling. Liz sent me the link a couple weeks ago and I just looked at them on repeat during late night nursing sessions until I decided that I just couldn’t handle not sharing some of my favorites. This wedding was the finale wedding for my siblings and there was no better way to go out!

Photographer: Perry Vaile / Event Coordinator: Orpha Events / Venue: Montalto

DoeWedding-007DoeWedding-011DoeWedding-022DoeWedding-027DoeWedding-79bTHIS VEIL. It has been in Liz’s family for generations, worn by every woman. I am such a sucker for traditions and heirlooms and this is one of the most lovely ones ever.DoeWedding-091Special shout-out to my aunt, who stayed up late into the night before the wedding, altering the dress that I bought super large to accommodate the bump that was significantly smaller on the wedding day than we anticipated. DoeWedding-109DoeWedding-120DoeWedding-125DoeWedding-134DoeWedding-160DoeWedding-175DoeWedding-183DoeWedding-309DoeWedding-327DoeWedding-358DoeWedding-366DoeWedding-370DoeWedding-429This little man was a champ. He basically slept and looked precious the whole weekend, making James and I look like good parents who had instilled good behavior in our newborn. HA. Might I recommend taking your one-week-old to a wedding before you take a baby any older? Because the weeks to come revealed a much less docile baby than the one that charmed people at the wedding.DoeWedding-431DoeWedding-434DoeWedding-486DoeWedding-506DoeWedding-567Some of the most beautiful pictures of the most beautiful night!




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9 Responses to Maybe the last wedding post.

  1. You look fabulous, the bride and groom are stunning together, and I looooove your mom’s dress.

  2. E.H says:

    Thanks for sharing these! Such gorgeous photos! ♡ I especially love the mountaintop ones. Wow!!! The VIEW! Where were you all? And the pictures of you and Henry… *all the heart eyes* Frame those!

  3. kmkersting says:

    These are beautiful! And that veil….it’s amazing! Congrats to Zach and Liz 🙂 What a joy filled event!

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