Just a couple things.

Happy long weekend! We are headed to the beach in a couple hours, though it appears the weather took offense at my declaration that Fall better stay far off, and it might be chilly and rainy. Hopefully it will change, but if not, all of us (13 adults + 5 babies/toddlers) will play a whole lot of games inside.

Should you need some reading for your long weekend, here are the things that have kept me entertained lately:

After my last post, someone shared a link to Chandler’s blog, where she has had a bunch of moms share a day in their life. It is marvelous, especially because the moms don’t share their ideal schedule, but an actual day, complete with discipline and failures. I devoured all of them and am really hoping for more!

Have you been following Mary’s self-care series? Bethany wrote the last post this week and it is a winner! I’m also selfishly pleased that Mary’s baby held off coming early so that she could finish the series.

I think I might have already shared this, but this is my favorite summer carry-in dish these days. It bears repeating, both on the blog and in real life.

Anne of Green Gables coming to Netflix! Between that and the Gilmore Girls reboot, it’s a good season for streaming. Though I am just a tad worried that they plan to make Anne “edgy.”  Sidenote: The corpse flower referenced by Lorelai in the trailer bloomed in DC last month and I am pretty bummed that I didn’t have the stamina to wait in line and see it.

I am pretty excited about Nick being the next bachelor. It’s not that I like him necessarily, but he is fascinating. It is kind of hysterical that ABC is trying to pretend like they picked him out of sincere desire for him to find love, but I don’t care. It shall make truly good television.

And obviously,I can’t do a random roundup post without a picture of my favorite squish.Summer2016-144

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4 Responses to Just a couple things.

  1. I refuse to believe that this new Anne can be any good. “Edgy?” Please. And Jonathan Crombie is Gilbert forever and ever.

    The Gilmore Girls reboot, on the other hand, I will be not-so-guiltily binge watching whenever my children are otherwise occupied. 😀

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