Flower fairies and baby bumps.

I decided a couple months before Henry was born that I was done with photography. Looking back, I’m not even sure how my photography side work started, but one wedding became another and another and then there were babies and families and all sorts of shoots just sort of materialized, taking up lots of weekends and evenings. And I loved it. But I when I thought about juggling this extra commitment on top of teaching, finishing my PhD, and caring for my family, I realized that I either needed to commit more, invest in better gear and becoming an actual business, or stop. I chose to stop, and I don’t really have any regrets.

Still… my soul will always need an artistic outlet, and I can’t resist doing the fun sorts of photoshoots that just pop up. My friend Christine is about to have a baby girl, and the other day I was saying that I wished I had done some dreamy maternity photos in my bridesmaid’s dress, but I missed the moment and then Henry came early. It’s just so rare, I said, that anyone actually has a formal dress that they could wear pregnant. And then I cast my eyes on her belly and my eyes lit up. Before she could protest, I was convincing her to get flowers from Trader Joe’s and go wade into the Potomac in my gown. Really, after photographing all of her other major life events over the past couple years, could I really pass up on this moment? Nope. Especially not when there were floral crowns and tiny ruffles involved. Christine posted outfit details and some tips for styling a maternity session here.

So here they are- some images from the evening where I convinced one of my very first college friends to come play dress-up with me in the Potomac. Flower fairies and baby bumps and a last hurray to summer fun.




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1 Response to Flower fairies and baby bumps.

  1. Such fun! I’m guessing every time Christine looks at these photos she will be bubbling over with gratitude for a friend with your spirit, Hannah!

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