Taking Stock.

fall2016-173fall2016-174fall2016-176fall2016-179fall2016-181fall2016-183fall2016-185Making : Breakfast taco’s. So easy, so good- so obsessed.
Cooking : Trader Joe’s soups.
Drinking : Coffee, and loving how excited it makes me for cool mornings.
Reading: Just finished Zola’s Au Bonheur des Dames.
Wanting: Thanksgiving and Christmas and snow and eternal fall, all at once.
Looking: At these pictures of Henry on the playground from a couple weeks ago and wondering when that scrawny newborn turned into a giggle baby with chubby cheeks.
Playing: This game every time we get a table full of people.
Wasting: [more like wasted] Way to much time picking out wrapping paper today. I know it doesn’t matter, but I love picking out paper for Christmas gifts.
Sewing: Mostly I just leave this one on these lists so that I feel shamed into actually sewing buttons back onto the things in my mending pile.
Wishing: That somehow an extra day would appear in this week where we could go hiking as a family to enjoy all the fall colors.
Enjoying: The way that Henry laughs at the weirdest things, like me doing squats, which makes me do so many that my legs are sore by the end of the day from squatting for my baby.
Waiting: For all the library books I requested from all over for my dissertation to slowly trickle into my greedy little paws.
Liking: All of the Ikea Christmas decorations, because I love the Swedish Ski-Lodge aesthetic.
Wondering: If Hamilton will actually live up to all the hype when James and I finally listen to it on the way home for Thanksgiving.
Loving: UberEats- because hellooooooo date night on the couch with fancy food!
Hoping: That we find someone soon to take care of Henry for the spring… the searching and interviewing and reference-checking just makes me sad that I have to miss a single moment of how sweet he is right now.
Marveling:  At how deeply entertaining talking to my nonverbal infant is.
Needing: More sleep. Forever and always.
Wearing: These jeans on repeat. Obscenely priced, but I saved my pennies and waited for a sale and they do dark voodoo for post-baby baby belly.
Following: This Instagrammer, because her sketches of baby life are perfectly accurate.
Noticing: The wrinkles and lines that are forming across my face. The way that Henry sticks out his tongue when he smiles.  How fast the days go.
Knowing: That I will someday look back on this stage, where we have siblings close enough to oversee Henry’s first time down the slide, and remember it as one of the best times of life.
Thinking: About the election last week, about what it means for our country and what our country meant by it.
Feeling: Like the task of teaching Henry right and wrong is going to be really hard, but I can’t imagine if any parent, at any time, has ever thought it was easy.


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4 Responses to Taking Stock.

  1. I cant wait to hear what you think of Hamilton. 🙂 And Coup sounds like an excellent Christmas afternoon game.

    • Hannah says:

      It is so good! And there is a great youtube video explaining the instructions- because they are kind of complex, but then it goes super fast so you can play lots of rounds.

  2. Jennifer White says:

    Love your blog😊 I couldn’t get the link for the jeans. It kept going to Coup. Which… I ordered btw😊😊😊

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