This & That for Christmas

This December has been marked by car disaster. We had our oil changed at Wal-Mart before Thanksgiving, and they neglected to put the oil cap on correctly, which meant our oil drained out and fried our engine, so we have been car-less and begging them to cover the damage (read: TOTAL LOSS) all month. Of course, they have refused to do so, so the moral of the story is.. do not get your oil changed at Wal-Mart, as they are a soul-less corporation who gives zero cares about you and your crippling loss.

But. Thanks to family and good friends, we have had cars to borrow when needed the past month and we made it to KY last night for 2 weeks between our families for the holidays. And just before going out of town, we sent these happy faces out across the world to our near and dear:christmascard2016frontWhen Henry asks someday why he is wearing that hat in practically every picture taken in his first year, I will just explain the concept of a “signature look.”

I will probably be light on the posting for the weeks to come so we can enjoy quality family time, but I wanted to leave you with some links and thoughts and total ramblings that have been rolling around in my head.

I did 100% of my shopping online this year and it was amazing. So many people/magazines/websites have gift lists floating around, and most of them seem like impersonal clutter. But I thing that Mary has the best list of gifts for kids I’ve seen. Can’t wait till Henry is old enough for some of these.

I think I’m going to need to make these cookies in the very near future.

I have failed to rummage up a good collection of crying Christmas commercials this year, but here is a good list from around the world. I started anticipatory crying about 30 seconds into #1 and it was JUST AS GOOD AS I HOPED. Seen any good holiday commercials? Feel free to fill up allllll the comments so I can have a delightful cry fest.

I have really struggled to stay working out since Henry. Thus, while I usually hate following fitness people on Instagram, I love this mom of twins, who has inspired me to do squats and other tiny workouts throughout the day which at least gets my blood pumping and Henry finds it hi-lar-i-ous.

No then. Let’s talk about the Gilmore Girls reboot, which I finally finished last week. I have loved hearing everyone’s thoughts, especially this podcast and this article. While it was obviously not as good as the original and had some things I hated, I liked it. Here is my hierarchy of things I wanted.

  1. Emily-Lorelai resolution
  2. Luke-Lorelai marriage
  3. Quality Stars Hollow shenanigans
  4. Rory-Jess union

I got three out of 4 (not telling you which in case you are the other last fan alive who hadn’t watched it yet) so I am all in all pleased. Of course, I too hated Rory in the reboot as she is categorically the worst. I also can’t resonate with her shiftless existence because I have spent the decade since the finale trying to build a life, a family, a career, a home. Rory doesn’t seem to have done so, and it was hard to empathize when you see her making one terrible decision after another. So here were my biggest pet peeves:

  1. Rory is the worst, and in a way that completely changes her character.
  2. The birthday letter that Emily brought up in their therapy session and accused Lorelai of having written? Lorelai refuted it and we never found out what happened. That drives me crazy.
  3. Was the Amy Schumer conversation used in the promo ever in the episodes? I don’t remember it.
  4. That musical. IT WAS SO LONG.
  5. Ditto for the scene of Rory and Co just walking around to music. No. Just give us more Kirk and Taylor please.

And my favorite things:

  1. Cameos by all the Parenthood peeps. I missed Adam Braverman and it did my heart good to see him as a park ranger.
  2. Jess, and that long final look with music that gave me hope that maybe the reboot will get a reboot.
  3. Emily managing to rebuild a life post-Richard that didn’t negate her life with him. The whale museum guide? LOVE.

What are your thoughts?

Merry Christmas friends!




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3 Responses to This & That for Christmas

  1. E.H says:

    I completely agree with everything you said about the Gilmore Girls reboot. Rory’s story was dreadful. Emily’s was GREAT. That’s my summary. 😉 Merry Christmas!

  2. I did not like the reboot, except for Emily’s storyline– that was wonderful. I like Emily more and more every time I watch! But Rory was awful, there were so many absurd time-wasting scenes, and I don’t understand why Luke and Lorelei apparently think that marriage will solve their communication blockage. IT WILL NOT. If you’ve already been together ten freaking years and haven’t even talked about children (?!?!?!?!), getting married is not going to fix your issues.

    I still think Lorelei and Christopher should have ended up together. Luke is nice and all, but I don’t like him as Lorelei’s man.

    Also, Jess is now way too good for Rory.

  3. I agree re: Gilmore Girls reboot. Basically the only things Rory did that I liked was to keep the Stars Hollow newspaper from being closed and writing the title story. I loved seeing all the old characters. Wish Miss Patty would have been in it more. Fell in love with Jess all over again. ❤ Also fell in love with Emily. Her scene as the guide at the whale museum was perhaps my favorite in the whole show.

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