One of those lists.

“Oh… you’re going to do one of those posts where you just list lots of random stuff with a heading like ‘Things I’m just REALLY loving RIGHT now!’ ” – James, ever supportive.

Why yes Husband, yes I am.Processed with VSCO with a6 presetBecause it’s a snow day today ( In March! I love it! More please! THEN SUMMER COME), and I’m sure you need some random reading. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Obviously, there is nothing I love right now quite so much as that baby in a bow tie and suspenders. What started as clothing for his baptism this past weekend might just become daily attire. But I do love some other things like –

This candle, that smells just like the Anthropologie one, but is a tiny fraction of the price.

This swimsuit, as I am forever searching for the perfect one piece for tall ladies.

This podcast, which momentarily filled the void left when this podcast stopped.

Really want to read this book, because you know I won’t ever shake my Proust obsession.

Are certain names tied to facial characteristics?

Though my degree will be in French literature, I am an Art History junkie, and am determined to squeeze a painting chapter into my dissertation in spite of the skepticism of my committee. I’m fascinated by the idea of neuroarthistory.

Had I the riches, I would snag one of these paintings.

As I feel like I increasingly spend time making meals, packing lunches, preparing bottles, washing sippy cups, cleaning scrambled eggs from the carpet, this was a good reminder of lessons we learn from feeding our kids.

“Don’t ever let someone convince you that cooking a meal for your kids— or anyone else for that matter— is one more thing to check off the to-do list. Every time you feed someone, you’re offering love, security, comfort, therapy, and memories shrouded in happiness and warmth. It’s no small thing.”

Speaking of kids, how do you buy clothes for yours? I like to purchase anything Henry needs all at one time, at the beginning of the season. I take stock of what we have that still works, make a list of exactly what we need, and then buy it in one day. Though that means a tad more up front, it means far less wasted on random pieces snagged here and there. I have been researching and prepping to buy stuff for the summer as he is growing out of what we have. I was thrilled to see that these are finally back in stock, as they are the absolute best sleepers.

So much stigma surrounds decisions about how to feed babies. I loved these 10 stories of nursing, weaning, and all the decisions in between.

And speaking of moms- just no. These are hideous. Go home Nordstrom, you’re drunk.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Now then. Back to snow day reveling. Which, to be fair, looks just like a regular day since I am home on Tuesdays, but that is completely irrelevant. What are you loving and reading right now?


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10 Responses to One of those lists.

  1. Sarah says:

    Have you read the comments on those jeans? Pure gold.

  2. Sarah P says:

    Boden swimsuits are THE best. Flattering, SO well made, a great range of sizes, classic colors, fun prints, and they always have coupons/promotions… I could go on and on. You will not be disappointed! I have the Sorrento (I think), which is a ruched, strapless bandeau one-piece in navy blue that I bought before our honeymoon. I call it my princess suit, since I can see Kate Middleton wearing the same. It’s the only swimsuit I’ve ever felt great in. And sidenote – their two-pieces are also wonderful. I have two of those as well.

  3. 1) PREACH IT about one-pieces for tall women. Personally, I like the vintage ones from Modcloth, but they don’t have long-waist sizing.
    2) I’m so glad you, too, have discovered Emily Jeffords!!! I’m #obsessed with all of her work. Definitely put prints of her paintings on my wedding registry . . .

    • Hannah says:

      Did you get any???? I love her stuff! So soothing!

      • The wedding hasn’t happened yet, so no! But I do have her Paint Palette calendar and I loooooooove it. Everything about it (even her packaging is perfect).
        I did give my grandmother a print of Jeffords’ work for Christmas and she cried because it was so beautiful.

  4. Nikki says:

    Those jeans are the perfect wash for their title!

    I’m sure you’ve figured this out already, but just in case, the perfect way to feed a baby (or really most things related to children) is the way that works for that child and his/her family at the time. There are wrong answers (like when my grandfather said he wanted to give my one-month-old hotdogs – he was kidding, but still) but they are so few, just listen to your gut and move on until your child decides that doesn’t work anymore.

    • Hannah says:

      It’s so true- they really do all come out differently and we are all just trying to figure it out! I had agonized about when to stop pumping before bed to build my freezer stash. And then one Friday night recently I realized I had left a piece of the pump at work, so I just up and decided I was done with the evening pump…. I think so often decisions happen like that, which life helps you make it.

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