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Friiiiidddaayyyyy. Get excited. As excited as Henry before he smashes food in his chubby paws.Spring2017-148I am pretty excited because James and I are headed to dinner and the theater tonight! If you have talked with me in person this past year, there is a high likelihood that I have tried to pressure you into becoming season ticket holders of the Shakespeare Theatre Company. I always assumed season tickets were for fancy (read: rich) people, but the STC is trying to build up a following among younger people, so they offer a deal if you are under 35 where you get tickets to all 6 plays for only a tad more than the price of 6 movies. This meant that I got an email in September that gave me the dates for an entire year of bi-monthly fancy date nights. It has been fun to try out different restaurants downtown and take in some great plays. But most of all, it has been so valuable to have found an easy way to make time with James a priority in the midst of an otherwise crazy time of life.  It’s easy to forget the person you loved first when you have a new little love who is so very demanding and all encompassing. How do you all make time for spouses in the midst of those young children years? We are lucky to have a sizeable pool of siblings and friends who make evening babysitting easy, but even then – just deciding to go and making it happen can be tough.

Speaking of theatre, this looks amazing! It isn’t included in our tickets, but I really want to go.

I ordered some onesies from here and they are the softest cotton ever. So many kids clothes get scratchy after a couple washes, but these just become more buttery. I’m thinking I might get some PJ’s from there too, as Henry’s crawling has ripped the knees in most of his. I’m pretty intense about keeping his capsule wardrobe at a minimum… but he seems less inclined to do his part and keep his clothes in pristine condition.

These pants make everyone look awful, but everyone keeps on wearing them.

J.Crew has gone downhill. “Over time, however, J. Crew’s designs grew overpriced, eccentric, and even downright ugly.

Agreed- don’t offer me red velvet cake and pretend it has anything on the myriad of other cakes that should be consumed.

In case you were just dying to know, I did commit to a mom shoe.

As good Americans, there is nothing we love more than young royals dishing on getting takeout and watching Homeland, and it was also exciting to actually hear Kate’s voice.

In light of the series I have been doing on working motherhood, I really appreciated this article about how there is just no biblical mandate for men-as-sole-breadwinnners and these posts that Kate has been sharing.

One of my top summer goals (And it is officially SUMMER for me, since my semester ended this week! Which just means dissertating in shorts instead of sweats, but still!) is to actually get a library card, because I am not all about those little libraries that are all over Capitol Hill.

Later this summer we are doing some lengthy travels, and the hand-me-down purse I have used as a diaper bag is disintegrating. I would love a cute bag or backpack that is big enough to function as a diaperbag/camera bag/ hold-all. Any ideas? And don’t even bother suggesting this beauty unless you have one to sell for way cheaper, because I’m not paying that.

Happy weekend friends. Spring2017-145



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6 Responses to This & That

  1. Nancy says:

    The H street aldi has diaper bags.

  2. kaschellman says:

    Any bag by Fjallraven makes a great diaper bag! We use the daypack, which converts from a tote to a backpack, but I know lots of parents who just get a straight up backpack. You can find them on Amazon, or buy directly from the company. They’re about $80, made in Sweden (I’m pretty sure), and last for-freaking-ever!

  3. Mary W. says:

    I love my Herschel Backpack as a diaper bag. I use a JJCole clutch and big Ziplocs to wrangle diapers and wipes and everything else. 🙂 I only wish I chose the navy or black because the light grey shows a lot of dirt.

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