Taking stock.

Takingstock3Making : This bread for the first time in a long time, because fall days need simple bread.
Cooking : This for dinner on a regular basis, because it is easy! Cheap (especially if you use thighs, which I always do because dark meat forever and ever amen)! One pan! Paleo! Tasty!
Drinking : All the coffee, and really wanting one of those salted caramel mochas because they are my absolute favorite, but I’m trying to stay easy on the sugar, even after we finished last month’s whole30.
Reading: Anne’s House of Dreams – finishing off the series and it is full of such gems. Also, The Little Blue Truck about a thousand times a day because it’s Henry’s favorite.
Wanting: To get an amazing job next year after I finally finish (!) graduate school and graduate (!!) but also to just stay home, because gosh if Henry isn’t just more and more fun every day and I hate missing it.
Looking: For a new couch that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and small enough for Capitol Hill sized spaces that have recently been rendered more crowded by my amazing, though large, farmhouse style table.
Playing: Lots of games of “throw the ball and let Henry chase it and then collapse laughing so hard he can barely through it back.”
Watching: This is Us, because I love to cry; Poldark, because half the characters infuriate me, but I love the other half (AUNT AGATHA!) so much I keep on going; Scrubs, because it is maybe the best show ever to watch in little spurts.
Wasting: Wipes, as Henry loves to help wipe down any and all surfaces.taking stock2
Wishing: That we lived closer to our parents, because being in Kentucky for a couple days last week made me want to move him asap so Henry could have more grandparent and farm time.
Enjoying: Henry’s current obsession with sitting down on chairs/boxes/steps/totally unsittable surfaces that are at the right level. He slowly backs up and then settles his little booty in a way that just kills me dead every time.
Waiting: For endless library books that I have requested… I’m on the last chapter of my dissertation and just can’t stop requesting books.
Liking: Images of Sweden, because some of my favorite people moved there and I want to visit.
Wondering: How I can get Hamilton tickets when it comes to DC next year. I knew they would be pricey… but I just looked, and pricey doesn’t even begin to cover it. Trying to find a way to be in the room where it happens without losing all my dollars.
Loving: How much Henry loved being at my parent’s house, how much he loved space to run and explore.
Hoping: That someday we can have some semblance of a yard. Any yard, of any size.
Marveling: At how many really awesome places have popped up in Lexington since I lived there, like Kentucky Native Café – paradise for foodies with toddlers.taking stock
Needing: To really deep clean my baseboards. Toddler who likes to hurl food + small city space equals baseboards in desperate need of some TLC.
Wearing: This shirt, partially because it is the softest t-shirt ever, but mostly because I just love my home state.
Noticing: The way Henry seems to understand things now, like instructions and explanations, even if he can’t respond.
Knowing: That there is so much in me, in things I say and do, frustrations I let overwhelm me, that I do not want him to understand and emulate.
Thinking: That this is how children make us better.
Feeling: Like I’m finally ready for fall, and all its beautiful changes.takingstock4

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2 Responses to Taking stock.

  1. Elissa says:

    Have you looked into Interior Define? I know they’re all over the internet, so you probably have, but they make really nice, fairly affordable couches that can be customized for size. Perfect for tiny apartments!

  2. Jenna says:

    Infuriating Poldark characters- PREACH!

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