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Processed with VSCO with a6 presetEntered the third trimester this week, and while I swore that I would be more chill about trying to not go 40 weeks the second time around, I’m not. Already begging my doctor to guess my chances of another 38 week, no contractions-but-dilated-7cm delivery again and dearly hoping that I have 10 weeks left of this pregnancy instead of 12. While I dragged you through Henry’s pregnancy in excruciating detail, I dropped the ball on any type of formal bumpdates this time around, but I’m happy to turn over that mirror shot above, as it was taken on a day of good hair, good clothes, pre-breakfast, and thus makes the bump look way more glamorous than it truly is. You’re welcome.

Other things, mostly of the material and superficial variety.

If I was willing to drop more money on a maternity dress for Easter, I would get one of these, even though Kate Middleton has already ruined it by looking impossibly good in like half of them. But as I’m not, I’m hoping to just tie this nonmaternity one that I already have looser and call it good.

Interesting words on working from home in front of your kids. I’m still sorting out my thoughts about screens and their role in our family culture, but I appreciated her more practical and compassionate approach than what is often the norm.

I’m just basic enough to be excited about cheaper Hunters. I’m in love with my boots, and snagged a pair for Henry with a gift card and to say he is addicted is putting it mildly. I was dreading shelling out full price when he outgrows these, but I also love how well they have held up on all our winter adventures. Hoping to snag a replacement pair before they sell out!

Speaking of things that sell out quickly, I really wouldn’t mind some Kennedy Center Hamilton tickets when they go on sale Monday!

Megan compiled a list of great places to stay in northern Michigan and has me dreaming of a lakeside summer vacation. When I went to Traverse city a few years back, I was stunned at how little I had heard about this dreamy place.

Taking dinner to a friend with a new baby today and making this for the dinner, and one of these to leave for breakfasts over the coming days. And of course, made one for myself too because I had forgotten how much I love it. Henry and I made a couple loaves of this earlier in the week and I’m leaving one of those too. Banana bread is my favorite toddler baking project, as Henry is a pro at smashing bananas and this recipe makes a relatively healthy snack for days afterwards.

All of these emotions plague our home on a regular basis. Although lately, we would need to add “Total complacency about the baking of household electronics” to the list. RIP remote.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Happy weekend friends!

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4 Responses to This & That.

  1. Bekah says:

    That exact banana bread recipe is one of my all time favorites. It is one of the tastiest and best textured banana breads I’ve had!
    I also make a banana bread with coconut flour- an ingredient that I sometimes love and sometimes hate, the recipe has to be right. And the recipe is right with this one, so to me it’s even less guilt than the Cookie and Kate bread. Still slightly different, since it’s coconut flour, but very delicious. (And I add 1/4 cup of cacao powder, because chocolate.)
    I also happen to be eating A LOT of kale/cheddar crustless quiche these days!

    • Hannah says:

      Oh I will try that! I usually sub out half coconut flour for the whole wheat in the Cookie and Kate bread but I want to try that one! Also- quich4lyfe

  2. Anna Kate says:

    Oh ha, the model in the first picture for that Virginia Dare dress is my friend, Tori. Small world. Dress is super cute!

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