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Summer2018-73Summer2018-74Summer2018-77Summer2018-78Summer2018-79Summer2018-80I didn’t get around to any sort of official post for July 4th, but rest assured- we turned out in obnoxiously coordinated patriotic apparel like everybody else.  We grilled out with friends and James was insanely proud of how Henry can polish off corn on the cob (those Indiana roots!) whereas I was just proud that Etta slept through most of the evening so I could sit back and relax. We skipped the fireworks on the Mall and opted instead for some small fireworks and sparklers. Honestly, Henry probably preferred these and don’t let the shade he’s throwing above tell you otherwise.

And now, some random things that I’ve been reading, wearing, pondering, eating, etc.

We went blackberry picking recently and don’t worry – you won’t be spared those photos (eventually). I subbed blackberries for blues in this cobbler and it was the stuff of summer dreams.

As you can see above, we love corn. This looks absolutely amazing (corn! gnocchi! cheese!) but also something that maybe doesn’t fit into my desire to start trying to actually lose those baby weight (corn. gnocchi. cheese.). Might have to do it anyways.

Henry was given this book when he moved up in nursery classes at church and we love it. It’s super simple, but he gets REALLY into the actions and has started stumbling his way through reciting some of the verses. Always looking for ways to make Scripture a part of our daily lives !

Can’t stop thinking about this article, particularly this quote: “When a man tries to mistreat a woman- I’m not talking about violence, but the instinct to convey to her that she isn’t worth very much – he is unlikely to get very far with a woman whose father has made her feel that she’s worth a whole lot…. If you want to protect girls, find them good parents, or become them.”

Emily has been posting all sorts of things I love this summer, especially this list of play-based outdoor activities to keep toddlers and preschoolers busy. Also, she just had her third baby and somehow still blogs regularly and I’m like TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, because as you can tell, I have not yet figured out how to do pretty much anything other than partially survive.

I also found this article through her, about what your Meyers Briggs says about your mothering and it was fascinating.

Since I am in that awful and weird post part period where nothing fits, I decided to I invest in some inexpensive but cute transitional clothes in bigger sizes than I (hopefully) will wear longterm. Luckily, Target has a dreamy Madewell-knockoff line this summer. These are the shorts you’ve been searching for.

Happy weekend all!

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4 Responses to This & That

  1. Natalie says:

    The link to the article about daughters/women isn’t working and sounds like an intriguing read. Where was it from?

    • Hannah says:

      It is fixed! Though now I realize it might be behind a paywall if you don’t subscribe to WSJ… try a free trial or something to read it, or search “Masculine Dads Raise Confident Daughters” to find it somewhere!

  2. You might enjoy this post on gratitude — and corn on the cob.

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