The last of summer.

Summer2019-111I’m going to excuse this post showing up in October, a very summery post indeed, under the guise of how ridiculously long summer held on this year. We did our last splash pad outing and picnic in the first week of October, on a day the high’s passed the mid nineties. Now October has finally settled in, with blustery nights, chilly morning, changing leaves, and even some deliciously gray and dreary days.

But long before fall showed up- was Labor Day. Summer2019-113Summer2019-118Summer2019-121We decided at the last minute that we wanted to spend Labor Day at the beach with some friends. We didn’t care what beach, or how impressive the body of water, but we were absolutely committed to finding somewhere where you could step out the door and be on the sand. This is the key to enjoyable vacations with small children: ease. You want to minimize time in the car, constant trips schlepping things down, and facilitate easy nappng, cooking, playing etc. We found an Airbnb not too far from Cape Charles that was remote and very basic, but right on a private beach. Here are some pics from our perfect weekend on the water.Summer2019-122Summer2019-126Summer2019-129This girl really took off on the walking front while we were there. Probably because she has absolutely no fear of the water, and decided that walking/running straight into it was the best thing imaginable.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetA grainy phone pic of my people! Time with them is the best part of time away. But also, time away with not *just* them. Guys- vacationing with friends who have kids the same age makes the trip so much more relaxing. We had some of our closes friends along who have kids the exact same ages as ours and it meant that all of us got to take a break from having to entertain our kids. They played, we relaxed, there were extra adults on hand so we could go to the beach in shifts during nap time- everybody wins. We split up meals so we all got breaks from cooking and I cannot emphasize this enough- more toddlers means easier toddlers. 

Summer2019-131Summer2019-147Summer2019-148Summer2019-156Summer2019-153Let’s discuss for a moment how perfect the Chesapeake Bay beaches are when you have little people. I love the ocean. But waves? Currents? Sharks? AND TODDLERS? It can be rough. But the Chesapeake has none of the above and stays shallow for a really long time. Again, vacations are better if they are easier, and the Chesapeake is just easier. Plus, it made me nostalgic for that summer when we went all the time.  And finally- we were on the side of the Chesapeake that had the sun setting over the water. Sunsets were also at low tide, and we made sure to swim in the sunset every night. It might be one of the most perfect experiences ever. It also made it easier for good pictures, as we didn’t have to worry about anyone cooperating by smiling or looking at the camera.Summer2019-154Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with f1 presetProcessed with VSCO with f1 presetSummer2019-155Labor Day, you were the perfect sweet and slow ending to a summer that went by all to fast.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

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3 Responses to The last of summer.

  1. loisastwood says:

    Loved reading this blog – and what wonderful photography. Look forward to catching up on more of your adventures – blessings – Lois

  2. Shannon Lacy says:

    I grew up spending much of the summer and fall in Cape Charles where my grandparents had an old historic house. This area is my favorite place in the world and I love these photos.

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