Loving lately.


Almost every day, I lie in bed to read books with Henry before naptime. And about a month ago, I started falling asleep daily after one book. At first, I felt bad. Now I lean in, bringing a blanket and settling in to sleep an hour snuggled up with my boy before getting up and being productive (at 3.5, Henry is still going strong with 2-3 hour naps daily and it is EVERYTHING). For this mama that never co-slept — this is an impossibly precious thing.

Over Christmas, I took my sad and neglected head of hair to my beloved stylist in Kentucky and begged her to make it healthy and manageable. She cut A LOT off, and all the sudden I have magic beach waves that need little to no grooming. I rub this stuff through it after showering at night, sleep on it, and just have to touch up a few in the morning. It’s a game changer.

I got an InstantPot for Christmas. I’ll admit, I do not think I am the IP target audience. Nothing stresses me out more than having dinner unplanned a couple days before, so planning ahead for the crockpot is not a struggle. Butttttttt then I made this dish and it was so quick and tasty and I want to drown myself in the sauce, so I am getting converted.

A couple months ago, I started using one of these to put on makeup. I’m not sure how I am the last person on the planet to use one, but it has completely transformed how my skin looks. No more lines! No caking! Soft and natural coverage!

Reading this book and loving it (maybe the most delightful main character ever?), and starting this one next because it is my book club March book. Ok also- loving book club. Some friends put one together last fall and it is the most random and eclectic group of strangers-turned-friends ever. Such good community formed by sharing really good food and talking about books, life, family, and everything in between.

Pregnancy cravings are so weird. With Henry, all I wanted was cake, Easy-Mac, and McDonalds breakfast. With Etta, it was tacos and toast. This baby has me on a steady need for sandwiches. The specific type comes and goes. I had a month where all I wanted was thick cut meat (think, Honey Ham or pot roast) on bread with all the fixings, then Velveeta grilled cheese, and now I am in a devoted veggie wrap with hummus stage. Those veggies are key to offset my other random cravings… which maybe had me Uber-Eats-ing crab rangoon at 10pm one weeknight. Still vomiting at 18 weeks and really hoping that ends soon, but at least I am feeling excited that some of the concerns my doctors had at 12 weeks are dissipating.

Just finished watching this and loved it so much more than I anticipated. I would say I am a medium fan, but I was so fascinated by her brutally honest admission of wanting to be a star because she loves applause and struggling when that stops.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shoutout to the great love of my life at the moment- our robot vacuum. While yes, it doesn’t clean quite as well as a person, I don’t have to do it. Plus, my kids are so fascinated/scared by it that they eagerly pick up toys so we can run it. James has worked insane hours the past two weeks, so I have been on solo bedtime and cleanup duty almost every night. Or should I say- ALMOST solo duty, because the robot has my back, cleaning the floors while I wrangle toddlers into bed.

What are you loving these days?



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7 Responses to Loving lately.

  1. amyvanhuisen says:

    Have read both of the books you referenced–I am ready for Towles to crank out another any time! Loved The Gentleman!

  2. kimi says:

    I only remember craving oranges and grilled cheese sandwiches when I was pregnant. I was tired all the time though. Surprised you don’t sleep all three hours with your son!

    • Hannah says:

      I wish I could!!! I teach online two of the days during naptime and teach a couple mornings a week, so I often have lesson prep to do during that precious chunk of time.

      • kimi says:

        That’s a hard balance. Lucky he is still taking naps!

      • Hannah says:

        Oh we are!!! And on the days it has been skipped, I am reminded that he is a MESS without them! Though to be fair, he does go to bed later than most 3.5 year olds (like 8:30) and is up at 7. It works for our schedule since James gets home late and wants to see them, but it does make for longer evenings!

      • kimi says:

        Well, our almost three year old goes to bed around the same time, but wakes up closer to 6 or 6:30. I wish she slept longer… maybe someday.

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