Kevin and Genevieve

Do you remember my wonderful second family with whom I went to Arizona? Several weeks ago Genevieve, the youngest daughter got engaged. I happened to be up visiting them the weekend it happened and I was thrilled when Gen asked if I would come back and do engagement photos. Several years ago I took photos of Gen and Kevin for fun and they have remained among my favorites. We were originally waiting for them to pick out a ring before doing the photos but then it looked like the ring (which they are designing) wouldn’t be done until after I had moved to DC. We decided to go ahead and do the photos sans ring because as Gen put it, even with out a ring they are still “very much engaged, very happy, and worthy of photos.” And so they are.

Being artistic and fun and up for something more interesting, Gen thought of doing 4 different sections of our shoot, with 4 very distinct feels. I know that I am posting way too many photos, but I loved too many to narrow it down any more! (Apologies . . . sort of.)  First, a tribute to the bookish intellectuels that Gen and Kevin are, and the many books they have read together.

Next was a garden party look, very Great Gatsby-ish, in my opinion.

Afterwards, we shifted to a shoot featuring their lovely vintage car. (Speaking of vintage car engagement photos, you should see THESE!)

Lastly, we went back to the place where Kevin proposed: an idyllic creek that is a good hike off the beaten path. This place, beyond being the site of his proposal, is a place where they have spent hours talking, dreaming, and generally falling in love. It seemed a perfect place to end our pictures.

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9 Responses to Kevin and Genevieve

  1. Shannon says:

    Hannah, I love these! They are amazing. Beautiful.

  2. Kate Brewster says:

    And this is why you are going to be the best wedding photographer …………ever!

  3. great job w/ the pics . Love the style of dress. Great car and black and whites pic.

  4. Hannah KM says:

    Wow, Hannah. Just wow. Those are so incredibly lovely, and I love how they exude personality! Well crafted and well executed.

    Also, I want her shoes.

  5. Hi,
    Wonderful pictures sessions. Fresh, elegant, natutal, creative. Congratulations!

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