A last date with my brothers: Shakespeare and Co!

Have I mentioned that I have really awesome brothers? Because I do.

Lyman has an internship in DC starting this week and before he left, Zach insisted that we do one final sibling thing, just the three of us. It really won’t ever be like this again, Team Stone against the world. Lyman will get back the day before my wedding and Zach heads of to UVA to start a PhD in the fall, and then I plan on being pretty tied to James.

Dinner options in Lexington are vastly improving, as what used to be a redneck capital is increasingly a mecca for yuppies and hipsters. In fact, our waiter informed us that Lexington is ranked #1 in the nation for best cities to open a new restaurant. What can I say, we really like to eat. We had been planning on going to the new Table 310, but Memorial Day closings led us instead to the just-opened Shakespeare and Company. (No, not that Shakespeare and Company.) Image

Looking at these pictures, you should be thinking, how did Lexington end up with a restaurant that is half  Ladurée, half Arabian Nights, and all class? This is a good question. The answer is that the restaurant is based out of Dubai, spawned by unabashed love of Paris, and then dashed with a little British tea room feeling. The sheik of Dubai or someone equally important has horse farms near Lexington and decided he wanted his awesome restaurant here. Or so I am told.

Look at that classy menu. And yes I would like tea called “Jasmine fairies”, thanks for asking.Image

Whatever the case, we now have an amazing restaurant in downtown Lex that has lots of swanky class. And it was a perfect place for a last evening with my brothers.Image

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5 Responses to A last date with my brothers: Shakespeare and Co!

  1. I’m friends with the desert chef at Table 310 and I think you would like her blog bravetart.com. (She was voted a top five desert chef by Food & Wine.)

  2. Regina says:

    That dessert chief…Stella B. Parks…was a student of mine at LCA…from down at NonSuch…before going of to the Culinary Institute of Am. (I believe) Zach probably knows her brother Whitt Bussey from AC. She brought me an awesome winter squash soup and some quiche when I was sick 5+ years ago! I’m anxious to go and have her dessert myself…got to figure out where it is.

  3. bkjergaard says:

    The end of an era. Also, the Stone children have some impeccable style. Maybe rivals that of the Kjergaard girls.

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