Reader, I married him.

And it was perfect.

And I loved it all, despite one or two stressful moments that are already so faded in my memory of the day, that I am sure they will be eclipsed altogether before we even legally change my last name.

And it went too fast, and I didn’t make it to the favor bar, or have seconds of the awesome food, or entirely finish a slice of cake (though I did start 3), or get to spend enough time hugging all the people I love.

And it was the most powerful feeling in the world to walk down that aisle and see the people we love from every part of our lives gathered together for once, and then make our vows before God with all of them witnessing our covenant.

And that’s all I will say for now because I am in the Canadian Rockies with my husband and everything else just has to wait.

*Thanks to my amazing big brother Zach for this photo, and for holding us over (along with the bazillion other ones that I saw on Facebook when I opened my computer today — thanks friends! ) until we get the ones from our wonderful photographer.

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4 Responses to Reader, I married him.

  1. says:

    It was the perfect wedding!!! Thanks for including us in this most special day. You looked beautiful and after hearing all the great words about James I think you are a lucky girl. ( I already knew he is a lucky guy.). Sure hope you keep in touch. Aloha, Barb

  2. kolembo says:

    Well done! I felt the whoosh! from the screen when I opened up my lap-top, whooooosh right through me, well done, onward!

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