A baby!

No, not mine. Obviously.

Sometimes it is nice when someone else has an ALL CONSUMING THOUGHT, like me with the wedding these days. And the only thing more all consuming the a wedding, in terms of planning, dreaming, etc., is probably a baby.

Amanda is preparing for her sweet baby girl, whom we are already  pretty sure is perfect.  She came over to help me finish wedding crafts this morning (who knew that getting married involved so many trips to Hobby Lobby? I have been every other day for 2 weeks. I am not exaggerating. I actually know that the days when they restock navy 5/8 inch double faced satin ribbon. Someone save me from myself.), and when she pulled up looking so perfectly pregnant, we postponed crafts briefly to snap some pictures.

* When I am someday pregnant, I hope to look like Amanda, who is only pregnant in her stomach. I will probably look pregnant even in my fingers.

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5 Responses to A baby!

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  3. E. Henry says:

    She is/was a GORGEOUS pregnant mommy. Stunning!

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