Weekends-are-for-fun: Ted’s Bulletin

This past Saturday, James and I enjoyed a deliciously rainy day where we slept in, went out for brunch, went for a long walk in the drizzle, spent a couple hours awhile watching old opening them songs to tv shows on Youtube, and didn’t do anything on our to do lists. Oops. (Sidenote: one of my little known talents is that I can sing all the words to the themes from Bonanza, Gilligan’s Island, and Beverly Hillbillies. James has Green Acres covered. And yes, I have linked them so that you too can waste invest your afternoon. Why do shows not have theme songs anymore? Those were so good.)

If you aren’t from DC, you need to add Ted’s Bulletin to your agenda for the visit that you should all be planning.  Here’s why:

  1. They make homemade poptarts in the window. I don’t even like poptarts, but these are a different story. And there is a peanut-butter bacon one, which I always get out of principal because I like when conflicting foods are forced to get along.
  2. Milkshakes. So many milkshakes, including a s’mores one, and we know how strongly I feel about s’mores. There are also “adult milkshakes” but the flavors are so much less interesting.
  3. They play old black and white movies silently in the background all the time.
  4. On the menu, which looks like an old paper, it proudly boasts “Cinnamon rolls as big as yo’ head.” This is not a joke.
  5. Breakfast sandwiches made out of Texas toast.
  6. You get your own pot of coffee. Now, I don’t actually like coffee, but I defend the right for coffee drinkers to have their own pot.
  7. Lots of yellow, which I love.

DC people, what are some of your favorite brunch spots?

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13 Responses to Weekends-are-for-fun: Ted’s Bulletin

  1. I am so glad you like sitcom theme songs. Kerry thinks Hillsdale is just like Hooterville.

  2. Megan Brown says:

    I just love reading your blog and looking at your pictures. Sure, I haven’t seen you in 7.5 years, but it’s so great to read about what you’re doing!! I was looking back at an old journal from Ecuador a couple months ago and was reminded of your awesome rules for dating. 🙂 What fun memories!!

  3. Fran says:

    The first time we went to SENATE there were screens playing old black and white films and I THINK that’s what just totally sent me over the edge. I was obliterated by its charm. Next time I have a long D.C. layover – what should we do? I want Ted’s, but I also want Founding Farmer(s?) And now there’s that new milkshake to try at Good Stuff? I’m conflicted. Also, I FULLY SUPPORT any establishment that provides a pot of coffee for my table. It’s just right.

    • Hannah says:

      Oh man… now all I want is that hot dog. Well, really you just need to come multiple times, but if you had to pick either Ted’s or FF, I would go FF, though it is pricier and takes longer. The milkshake is non-negotiable and thus must be consumed alongside whichever you decide.

      Come back!!!

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