August is over.

I have conflicting emotions about August. I kind of hate it, because by this point summer is so hot that you stick to everything you sit on and the humidity settles around you like a constant blanket of ick. I’m tired of my summer wardrobe and as I settle in for another day of sweating, I stare longingly at my boots, scarves, and knit tights  and think Soon we will be reunited because fall will come and save us from August.  But I also mourn that with August’s passing, summer is over. And we have to wait nine more months before we get another one.

This August was special. It was the magical month of August Recess — where James got home at 5 — and pre-school calm, where I had very few responsibilities. It was our special month, stolen from the rest of adult life, where we got to focus exclusively on each other and crafting our life together.

And it was beautiful.

our neighborhood. decorating. mom comes to visit so we go to Founding Farmers because I just can’t get enough of that place. kitty in a window. the New Wegmanns. we can’t stop playing this game. row houses. reflections. a perfect place to stop and sit. post-dmv trauma treat. Capital tour. besties. Eastern Market. enjoying the sun porch. enjoying restaurant week at The Caucus Room. metro waiting. America. dinner with friends. dinner party at home. husband at Ted’s.  friends we couldn’t do without. mirror image.

Till next time, August.

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4 Responses to August is over.

  1. Liz says:

    Goodbye August! Go away! We are ready for next June. And Hannah’s boots.

  2. Jeni says:

    Yay for Ticket to Ride!! And I love that picture of the capitol at night.

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