Black and White Banff

I love a good black and white photo. Don’t misunderstand me — I LOVE color. But I think that is just because I love drama, which can be created through dramatic color, or dramatic line and shape. This is kind of one of the great debates of art history — do you illustrate through color or line? Do you side with Delacroix or Ingres?

My answer is that I love them both, but I pretty much avoid anything that is in between. Go bold color or totally black and white, commit to color or commit to line — none of that muddied, dull, fuzzy stuff.

Which is why, when we were in that colorful Canadian paradise, I also took some black and white shots that I loved. What better lines than those lines of mountains carved by ancient seas and glaciers? Than trees that reach up forever and deserted roads?

Here is Banff in black and white. 

See more pictures from Canada here, here, here, and here.

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13 Responses to Black and White Banff

  1. Can’t go wrong with black and white! Nicely done!

  2. Hannah KM says:

    I love knowing you and getting to read your blog. You have unique insights that I don’t generally run across in my work or in my conversations. Your color vs. line examples were really interesting, and I find that I am a line person. Which makes my aesthetic love affair with Germinal Roaux’s work make a lot of sense. Yay!

  3. Value does all the work, and color gets all the credit. Stunning photos.

  4. Jbrew says:

    I really really love these.

  5. asilvercord says:

    I love the last one best.

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