Today I am thankful for

This was a grumpy week.

No reason why, as nothing went terribly wrong, but it was just one of those weeks where it was a struggle to not be a grump. Some days I lost.

But now it is Friday, and I have a great weekend planned so I need to end the grump. What better way to turn it around then to think of the many things for which I am thankful, even if I let them get overshadowed by the cloud of grump this week.

I am thankful for fall flavors, and by that I mean the abundance of salted caramel products everywhere. I cannot get enough of Starbucks salted caramel got chocolate, and don’t even get me started on the new Salted Caramel Kiss shake at Good Stuff Eatery. Yes, it is even better than the Toasted Marshmellow one.

Ok, so I am also just thankful that we live SO CLOSE to Good Stuff. My waistline does not share this sentiment.

I am thankful for Sundays, that blissfully come every week and give us a break from our lives so that we can enjoy church, eat with friends, and then take long walks in this pretty city that is on the brink of fall.

I am also thankful for Wednesdays, because on Wednesdays UMD has a farmer’s market, and at that farmer’s market is a French boulangerie stand. These. Pastries. Taste. Every. Bit. As. Good. As. Ones. In France.

I am thankful for technology. ( And no – I don’t mean the iphone 5 that apparently came out this week. I think iphone updates are kind of like new facebook interfaces – unnecessary, confusing, and pointless, but eventually we all get tricked into thinking we need them. I shall content myself with my iphone 3. ) I usually hate technology, since it doesn’t work for me more times than it does, but even I am thankful for how it allows me to keep in touch with those I love and don’t see enough.

I am also really thankful that technology allows the world to know that cats can fit in vases, they do get stuck in boxes, and that Justin Bieber can conjugate the French verb avoir.  Wherever would we be without Youtube?

I am thankful for my husband. Two months tomorrow! Here he is making dinner one night when I had class late. Yes, we ate much later than usual, (“Cooking is hard! How do you do it every night? You have to have everything ready at the SAME time!!!”) but it sure was good. Our home is one with lots of laughter and every time I am laughing so hard that I can’t breath and I have to slump against the wall because I can’t stand up, I know that I married the right person.

 What are you thankful for this weekend?

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2 Responses to Today I am thankful for

  1. The comment about having everything ready at the same time for dinner… so true. Poor James. It took me a couple months to get the hang of that, and the whole time I was thinking, “How does my mother DO this? Every single night?! She’s magic!”

    Oh, and I have to agree: Laughter is an excellent indication of a good marriage. 🙂

    • Hannah says:

      It is most difficult when multiple things need the oven, all at different temps, as was the case with the dinner he made.

      And from what I can surmise fro reading the quotes on your blog, you all laugh a lot! 🙂

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