Happy birthday little blog.

Two years ago I started blogging again, mostly so I could share wedding photos from this wedding.

A lot has changed in those two years, but I have come to really love my little corner of the Internet, silly and pointless though it may be.

In theory, I actually think blogging is really stupid, pointless, and maybe narcissistic, as it is pretty much keeping a public journal on the Internet.

But I do love being able to keep up with my family and friends who are scattered around the country and world, and this seemed as good a way as any.

Plus, there are some blogs I really love reading, so I guess they can have some point. These days I am especially loving these blogs, among many others*:

  • Erin’s blog (the bride pictured above) because it is perfectly poetic and well written. Plus I love that she and her husband moved across the country with no jobs and no reason. She also has a huge yellow cat who is one of my favorite felines.
  • Fran’s blog, because it is everything I wish mine was. I also feel that she and I should have been besties but were kept apart by logistics and are thus estranged kindred spirits. Of course, everyone feels this way about Fran, and if you don’t after reading her about page, then maybe you and I wouldn’t actually be friends in real life.
  • Bethany’s blog, because now she is back at work after the summer so she shares really funny stories about her students. She also shares just enough literature to keep us all cultured. Actually, all three of these ladies are bookish English major types… because I like to surround myself with book lovers.
  • My dad’s, because he is in Jerusalem all fall, and I think he’s pretty great.

So little blog, even though I think that having you is kind of ridiculous, I’ll probably keep you around at least a little longer.

*I really could go on forever listing all the blogs I like, but I will stop for now and just try to give lots of links periodically to the others. If you have/know of any good blogs that I can use as material to aid in procrastinating from grad work, please leave them below!

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8 Responses to Blog-iversary

  1. Sharon says:

    Maybe the vain/needy desire to be featured on your blog will motivate me to actually blog regularly.

    • Hannah says:

      If you would post more, I would probably post about it every day because sometimes your posts make me wet my pants from laughing. And I am being descriptive, not dramatic.

  2. I was just telling someone the other day about how every time I told someone that a friend was taking my wedding photos they looked at me like I was big-time crazy, but that I get sooooo many compliments about them! Thank you for that incredible gift.

    • Hannah says:

      After your wedding I thought to myself: someday when I am a bride, I want to be as serene as Erin and have a wedding that is as well organized and stress free.

      I failed. Yours just set the bar too high!!!! : )

  3. Fran says:

    I cannot even begin to tell you how mutual the feelings are. Every time I read your blog (which is about five minutes after you publish each post) I think, “WHY didn’t we get to spend proper time together?”

    I lived with Megan and Susannah. I’ve had adventures with Rachel. Our time just never came for some reason. Mostly because you were in Michigan or Paris and I was who knows where. In any event, we are totally kindred spirits and thanks to my job there’s no reason why we can’t still go on a date together.

    And the kitten thing didn’t work out after all. I will inform you of the cat-astrophe in a text message or something. It wasn’t actually catastrophic, I just wanted to play on that word.

    You’re great. I can’t wait for your photos.

    I have a girl crush on Whitney. And you. It’s an internet lovefest.

    • Hannah says:

      The universe thwarted our in-person friendship, but we have persevered, thank you internet. And I am banking on that date next time you are in DC! We can drool over books, consider stealing people’s animals, try to tame squirrels, and eat really wonderful food.

  4. Fran says:

    Also, your friend Erin looks exactly like Ginnifer Goodwin in that photo. I am jealous.

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