Bacon and Brie Quiche

I love living with James, but he is a boy.

Sometimes you just need a little girl time.

Which is why I periodically like to get together with my amazing roomies from last year for some girl time, and by that I mean Gilmore Girl time.

Last weekend we had brunch together and I made a bacon and Brie quiche, which I have to share with you, because it was delicious. I am still using up cheese from the birthday cheese bash, and when life gives you Brie and bacon, you have a duty to make a quiche.

Of course, I would make all of our food into quiches if James didn’t disparage them as “egg pie.”  I credit the Quiche Lady and her goat cheese fig quiche for this impulse. Also, I like making bacon in the oven like this because it is so much easier. I’m sure James would interject that it is impossible to clean the rack afterwards.

Note: I mostly followed this recipe, though I doubled the cream instead of using half sour cream, and I just used Brie instead of the two types of cheeses. I made the pastry crust from this recipe, and I pre-baked it for about 10 minutes before filling and baking it.  While you are looking at the crust recipe, you should really just read every post on her blog, because they are perfect. She isn’t the my-life-is-perfect-and-I-love-being-a-mom-all-the-time-and-I-just-make-great-food-while-being-perfect type of blog. In fact, she is often profane and irreverent, and you get the impression that she loves her kids but sometimes they drive her crazy, and I usually end up crying in half her posts because they are so human and beautiful.

Ps: This has nothing to do with cheese or bacon or quiche, BUT today our wedding photos are online which means that very soon I can start sharing them and telling you all about the wedding, which I have been dying to do for the past two months, but I wanted to wait till we had the photos first. Stay tuned for an overwhelming number of wedding posts. You will feel like you were there…. multiple times.

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5 Responses to Bacon and Brie Quiche

  1. Liz says:

    I can verify that this is delicious.

  2. Jbrew says:

    Three things: I saw some of the sets from Gilmore Girls when I toured the WB studio last week. Totally thought of you. I don’t remember the second one. Thirdly – I am so excited about the wedding pics!

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