Lately there have been lots of big accomplishments around this home.  Or maybe not so big. So little, in fact, that if I didn’t put them here, they might go unnoticed. 

  • I have learned to like brussle sprouts and oatmeal, both hitherto ignored because one tasted like licking the inside of sweaty gym shoes (I imagine) and the other was the consistency of snot. But this recipe for the one and sheer willpower for the other has lifted me to the world of adult dining.
  • We have finally unpacked the last box. As in, until now James and I have still had an unpacked box sitting on top of our bookshelves that I would forget for weeks at a time and start wedding thank you notes with false phrases like “Three months in and we just unpacked the last box!”
  • I drank an entire cup of coffee. Yes, it was watered down with lots of cream and assisted by consuming one of Ted’s “as big as yo’ head” cinnamon rolls, but I still did it.
  • I have a garden. Ok, by that I mean that I have kept two plants alive for almost a month, and I have a photo to prove it. Victory.  Yes, the cilantro looks a little rough, but I had just trimmed it to make some quinoa.  This might not seem like an accomplishment to many people, but I don’t grow things. I destroy. James’ family, on the other hand, has a garden that makes you feel like a better person just by walking by it.  He has subtly hinted that it will be great when we can grow our own veggies someday (!?) so I am starting small.
  • I reupholstered a chair, based solely off of years spent watching Trading Spaces. Technically, I still haven’t done the back, but I am counting it anyway. I am sure that the more DIY inclined among you would be appalled with my technique of arbitrarily stapling the fabric to the chair as tightly as possible, but whatever. I do what I can.
  • We bought a KitchenAid Mixer, buttercup yellow of course, courtesy of the never-ending gift cards that come with marriage. My friend Stephen asked what was so great about a KitchenAid the other day and my honest answer: “It’s a culinary status symbol.” Married people get them, and then they join that special club of people who can make those recipes that you can’t possibly do with a mere two hands. It also means that we can now use our awesome ice cream maker attachment (thank you Jaimi and Tricia!). Yes, I realize it is almost winter. Don’t care. If you come to our home in the next 6 months, you will be eating ice cream.


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12 Responses to Milestones.

  1. Fran says:

    First: did you spot where I put you on my blog? It’s a special place.

    I am so proud of you for drinking a whole cup of coffee. I feel like if you continued to give it a chance, you’d quickly enjoy the ritual of it.

    We are currently in our pajamas, only just now starting thank you notes.

    I still haven’t used my KitchenAid. What is even wrong with me?

    • Hannah says:

      Ohhhh I need to go check! I feel pretty honored.

      I love ritual so much that I will probably convert, just to be ceremonial.

      I think I’ve finished…. but sometimes I awake in the middle of the night panicked that one got lost in the mail or that I forgot something.

      See, because I didn’t grow up with one, I kind of just got it because I believe in it’s power (and James wanted it). But when I made cookies last night, I actually used the hand mixer because it just seemed so much easier than cleaning the whole thing. : )

      • Fran says:

        THANK YOU! When I was still living at my parents’ house I used it all the time, but now I can only think, “Is it worth it to have to clean the whole machine afterward?” LAZY.

      • Hannah says:

        PREACH IT. Plus my counters are the size of cutting boards, and it is kind of big. But I sure to love having it on top of the fridge, presiding majestically over all culinary activities.

  2. Liz says:

    I want to come over for ice cream and sit in the new chair and comment on all the milestones.

  3. It is not at all hard to make ice cream. I got a Salton IC machine last year for Christmas, and occasionally I will make just two bowls worth (because if I made a whole batch, I would eat a whole batch(except for Kerry’s portion).I think I will make the Christmas spumoni this year: if I can make one flavor, I bet I can make three!

  4. Rebekah says:

    True about the status symbol. I haven’t used my apple green KitchenAid for at least a year but by gum, it’s a beauty. (My Blendtec, on the other hand, gets used all. the. time.)

    Hurrah for Brussels sprouts! I thought they were the most repulsive vegetable on the planet until, one day, my mom sauteed them in lots of butter, with lots of garlic, with lots of caramelization on the edges. THAT changed my mind all right.

  5. such big milestones. I love them!

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