I am thankful for omelets and Saturday mornings*

Saturday mornings are my favorite time of the week.

I used to always love Sundays best, and I still love them, but I am kind of addicted to the magic lazy bubble that is Saturday morning.  On Saturday mornings, the Wegmanns sleep in (me till 9, James till noon+), and then we have brunch. Yes, we are brunch people, mostly because it allows you to lazy until 1. Sometimes we go out, but most often we stay in, because staying in means you can eat in your pajamas with bed head.

And when we stay in, we always make omelets. By we, I mean I, but James does all the dishes when I leave the magic bubble and go to Starbucks to do schoolwork the rest of the afternoon. Omelets are like a recycling spot for the odds and ends of that weeks meals. They are also pretty much the same thing as quiche but in a slightly different crust-less form, a truth that was vehemently disputed by James when I pointed it out.For the past two weeks James has been out of town. Now, I am actually a super independent person, and I was pretty sure it would be fine, even enjoyable to let the housekeeping fall apart and eat the weird foods I like and watch lots of Gilmore Girls for two weeks. And some of it was fun, but it is surprising how quickly you get used to being with the one you love everyday.

At no time did I miss him more than last Saturday morning, when I made up brunch for one instead of two. Because it isn’t just brunch, or sleeping in, or reveling in laziness, that makes Saturday morning so perfect. It is the way you rebel against time and enjoy being together without actually doing anything.  It is the way he groggily makes coffee and the house smells like it brewing. It is the way that I have time to get up, go running, take a shower, and do some homework, before James wakes up . It is the quiet morning sounds of our neighborhood and the whole weekend stretching in front of us. It is the way we can process the week behind us as we eat our omelets and pretend that every Saturday will forever be like these ones.

So here’s to Saturday mornings. Here’s to omelets and sunny living rooms and steaming mugs of coffee. Here’s to sleeping in and being lazy. Here’s to having husbands back home.

*Note: It’s November, that month where we all sit up and remember to feel thankful for stuff. It’s also the month where I realize that I have been making omelets all semester and have way too much work to do before Christmas break, and I should probably study instead of blog.  What are you thankful for? I would love some of your responses to put on here and give everyone a break from me. It can be ridiculous, mundane, ordinary, or profound.  Just send me a couple paragraphs (or maybe just a well-worded sentence)  and a picture if one goes with it to hannahkwegmann@gmail.com. Of course, you could also not send anything and then I will just look silly for asking. Whatever you prefer.

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4 Responses to I am thankful for omelets and Saturday mornings*

  1. Heidi says:

    I sent in a comment! 🙂 You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to…I just never get tired of that picture and share it with as many people as possible. It’s even the background of my computer at work…which I purposely leave logged in so other people have to look at it, too. 🙂

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