That Unifying Human Moment

I love what my friend Ashley posted about Thanksgiving:

“I’m just thankful we are all SO THANKFUL! What a unifying human moment!”

And as I looked through pictures of our wonderful trip to Indiana, I can’t help but feel thankful again, even for the things that I missed being thankful for why we were there. Because as you can see below, I was a little distracted with STUFFING MY FACE. Truth: Wegmann Thanksgiving is the most delicious thing ever. And yes, lots of what we ate was grown within sight of the house. Like those squash, some of which came home with me. And those brussels sprouts, and the pomegranate ambrosia, and the pies that the cat tried to steal, and….

Once again I am distracted. But not too distracted to feel so thankful that I am related to these people, to this place. Also thankful for the fact that I am now related to a family that claims motorcycle ownership. Philip’s presence ensures that our kids will have a cool uncle… and most likely lots of broken bones. Let’s not stop being thankful just because Turkey Day is over, ok?

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7 Responses to That Unifying Human Moment

  1. taylormm says:

    What a gorgeous compilation of photos. You really captured the loving atmosphere!

  2. abby says:

    Broken bones don’t usually kill people these days. Your kids will be fine. 😉

  3. lwhinkle says:

    we totally wrote out a menu on the fridge too

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