A little Christmas tree.

firsttreeLast weekend James and I went to buy a Christmas tree– our first Christmas tree together.treestallsObviously, getting a tree in Eastern Market is the yuppiest thing ever. We were fully aware that we were paying for the atmosphere, and not for our squatty little tree. But what better start to the Christmas season is there than sparkling stalls of Christmas trees and cozy knit hats?hatConfession: my hat love was maybe slightly premature, as DC recently experienced a freakish warm spell. But I just couldn’t wait any longer to break out the cozies! treeshoppingThe “cozy” size of our apartment also limited our tree selection. My first choice was disregarded, despite the fact that I think we could have turned it sideways, filled the living room, and pretended like we were in a forest.treeandscrapsLuckily though, I was able to pull lots of scraps from the “trash” pile…. which are now filling every spare space in our home. FOREST ACCOMPLISHED. treecollageBut so much better than our little tree is that man carrying the tree.

(Ps- Thanks Emily for recommending where to find new fonts! )

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4 Responses to A little Christmas tree.

  1. I love the tree and scraps idea- definitely more festive to spread the love around the apartment!

    • Hannah says:

      I just like walking in and smelling CHRISTMAS. Our place is so small that it usually just retains the smell of whatever we last cooked… Pine is definitely better. The fact that it looks cool doesn’t hurt!

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