“Wegmanns at home.”

Lately there has been a lot of time spent at home, just James and me. Sometimes we just declare to each other that we need to be Wegmanns at home, rather than Wegmanns out being social and fun.

There has been lots of hot chocolate and eggnog and gingerbread cookies and silly Christmas movies.

There has been lots of staring at the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music and pretending like we both didn’t have way too many things to do.

But mostly, there has been lots of feeling so thankful that I married my best friend. What could be better than that?WegmannWedding219So yes, it’s official: I am now one of those obnoxious newlyweds that just wants to stay home and hang out with my husband. And I don’t even care.

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12 Responses to “Wegmanns at home.”

  1. First of all, you look STUNNING in that picture! Second of all, I love how much you guys love each other! It’s wonderful :).

  2. Rebekah says:

    I’m not a newlywed anymore, and three years later, I would STILL just rather stay home and hang out with my husband!

    • Hannah says:

      🙂 I kind of feel like I was social enough in college to earn the right to now be an introvert who just wants to stay on my couch… Glad to know this isn’t a stage I’ll grow out of!

  3. Matthew and I are exactly the same way. . . and I really don’t see any sign (or desire) of a change in the future 😉

    • Hannah says:

      Isn’t home so grand? There is an eternal Christmas coziness with marriage I think (at least I hope!).

      And soon you will be home with baby too — yay!!!

  4. Homère says:

    You’re doing what I want to be doing!

  5. Fran says:

    Just reading this, and (as usual) I kept thinking, “YES!” to all of the things.
    We are homebodies but I feel like we’re making a little marriage nest and I can’t do anything but love it.

  6. After 43 years of marriage, we’re always asked, what’s the secret? I reply that it’s placing God as the anchor of your marriage, marrying your best friend and laughing lots which keeps us young at heart! From the photo it looks like you’ve found our secreat already and that you’ll be celebrating 43 and many more! God bless you richly!

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