In case yesterday wasn’t enough baby for you…

… here are more pictures of sweet Emmie Rose! And since today’s photos are the ones in color, you get to see that BEAUTIFUL HEAD OF RED HAIR and more of her stylish wardrobe!

But first, more  baby toes, because I just can’t even get over them. ringtoesEmmieRose_0030Emmierosecollage2

Emmierosecollage3If at this point you need to hug your computer screen because of that SMILEY BABY REINDEER, I totally understand. But now — back to headbands.Emmierise4Emmierosecollage5And just to show that she actually is human and cries sometimes, here is how the whole three hour dress-up party ended.  Is it bad that she is so cute when she cries that I couldn’t stop taking pictures?Emmierosecollage6

See the first part of Emerson’s photoshoot here.

Now today it is back to DC and a sadly hair-bowless existence.

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7 Responses to In case yesterday wasn’t enough baby for you…

  1. Kate says:

    I love the baby in the suitcase!

  2. sarahejoseph says:

    Look at her with pearls all over her. Why do I not have that many pearls?!

    • Hannah says:

      We basically raided our houses and even the dress up bin in my parents’ basement. This is one of those things that on the internet looked adorable and in real life looked like she was being strangled by jewelry…. but we. could. not. stop. ourselves.

  3. E. Henry says:

    Scott and I really like the picture with the wedding rings around the baby’s toes!

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