Lately we’ve been taking a lot of walks.

Let’s take a walk.

Let’s take a walk, because I have old-person runner’s knees and they are hurting so much lately that I just can’t run every day, but doing nothing makes me cranky and does nothing to offset my cookie addiction.

walk2Let’s take a walk, because we are so blessed right now to live in one of the loveliest neighborhoods I can imagine and I never get tired of wandering the uneven brick sidewalks, counting the colored doors, and watching the sunset over the Capital dome and atop the row-houses.

Let’s take a walk, because I’m pretty sure spring is trying to come, and maybe if we walk and look for it we will find it in the tiny crocuses in the park, the paper wrapped blooms at the flower market, and that faint bright green that is spreading across the mud in Lincoln Park.


Let’s take a walk, so I can hold your hand and we can talk and not be distracted by  our computers and cell phones and Netflix and Hulu and work and school and laundry and dirty floors that need cleaning and all that there is to do.

Let’s take a walk, because so much is uncertain right now and sometimes we just need to walk it out and talk about it all and have time to process and be excited and be scared and dream about someday and make plans and let our feet cover the blocks as we try to figure out how to take on the world.

Let’s talk a walk, because sometimes it’s just the only thing in the world to do.0004_Hannah and James(Last photo is an older one by Alumbra Photography, and no, we don’t usually walk in the middle of the street.)

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8 Responses to Lately we’ve been taking a lot of walks.

  1. les88 says:

    So adorable.

  2. Donna says:

    I was totally about to ask how you got that lovely photo of you two walking! I love it.

    • Hannah says:

      It is one of our engagement photos from last year, but I am recycling it here because normally we don’t have awesome photographers following us around while we walk. : )

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