Right now I’m loving….jcrew.

Ok, so really that’s a lie: I always love jcrew, even though their most recent catalogue was a super let-down. It wasn’t that there wasn’t cute stuff, it was that they combined it all in truly horrendous ways on angry weird-eyed models, as if trying to prove that you can spend a lot on clothes or be a model and still look truly awful. Plus, they have been pushing some really stupid and ugly things lately, like this crazily expensive shirt covered in SKUNKS. Oh, and there is a matching skirt. Because why not just let the bad ideas continue to come.

But on the whole, jcrew is one of those brands that I usually love. Unfortunately, it is also one of those brands that I can very rarely afford, unless I hit a great sale or factory deal.

Or unless I get up at 4am Saturday morning to drive 4 hours and wait in line for the warehouse sample sale event, where the usually super pricey tops and bottoms go for under 20$. Yes. You read that correctly. James likes to make fun of how late I sleep in every morning (yay grad school!) and has taken to reminding me of the Proverbs 31 women who gets up before the dawn to bring glory to her husband by spinning flax into clothes or whatever. Well on Saturday, I shall be said women of the modern day, rising early to bring home stylish clothes for a steal.

Now, because there are no dressing rooms at the warehouse and it is kind of intense, I decided it would be an awesome use of my time to explore the website and make a wish-list. Will they actually happen to have all these things in my sizes? Most likely not. But a girl can dream.jcrew2

1. Ponte Swing Dress/ 2. Stretch perfect shirt / 3. Pencil skirt / 4. Printed Paisley Scarf / 5. Translucent stone necklace / 6.  Classic medium bangle / 7. Janey patent flats / 8. Painter-elbow boatneck tee / 9. Linen city mini / 10. Origami Dress

Another one of the reasons for going, is to find a bridesmaid’s dress for James’ sister’s wedding this summer. She is being one of those cool chill brides that is letting us pick our own dress so long as it is pale pink, and I have my eye on something like this, which is to say pretty much any one of their silk chiffon bridesmaid’s dresses. They usually go for 250$, but at the warehouse, they run around 20$. WIN. bridesmaiddressesAre you a jcrew fan? What spring styles are you excited about this season, from there or elsewhere?

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24 Responses to Right now I’m loving….jcrew.

  1. Natalie Amundson says:

    THIS IS AMAZING. I just ordered the #2 pencil in the lilac color, a cardigan and a belt in bright seaside. I am SO excited for you!!! Please provide details!! Oh, the other things I was/am excited about for spring are their darling anchor pajamas (on sale now!) and in general, all of their shoes and bridesmaid dresses. LOVE.

    • Hannah says:

      It is once a month, in lynchburg va, but they only announce it a couple days before so you have to be on the watch! This is my first one, but I’m going with some girls who go regularly, so u am PUMPED. Will report back afterwards!!!

  2. I went to the factory warehouse sale last month!! It was amazing! ALMOST bought one of their gorgeous wedding dresses for $30, but I was already buying tons of other things. Ugh, it was so so worth the drive.

  3. dawnimo says:

    Where is the factory sale???!!! I have heard of one in Roanoke and one in Lynchburg. Sounds crazy, but I just might go…

  4. Leslie says:

    We’re looking for bridesmaid dresses in the same color!! Let’s really hope that they are there. 15.5 hours and counting to our grand adventure!!!!!!!

  5. Ashley Beitz says:

    That black origami dress is going to look PHENOMENAL on you!!

    • Hannah says:

      We shall see! My hips are a little more ample than the traditional jcrew hips, which is why there are no pants on this list. I will not be made to feel fat, this I will no longer but jcrew pants. But I have high hopes for that dress!

  6. Shelly says:

    I have the linen skirt in YELLOW. You would love it. It’s ok if you need to copy me and buy the yellow AND the navy. 🙂 Have fun!!

  7. E. Henry says:

    Ummm, how did I not know about this?! I even used to WORK for J-Crew and had never heard of this amazing deal. Where is this, Hannah?! Is it tomorrow?

  8. joan says:

    Just went to the link you gave for the factory deal. Thanks!!!! I ordered 2 lightweight sweaters.

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