When The Relatives Came

One of the most fun things about being an adult is becoming friends with your parents as something closer to peers. I was always close with my parents, but every year it seems like we are more and more on equal ground in this whole friendship thing.

Last weekend they were passing through DC so I took [another] weekend off from school work to spend some time with them. We showed them the best that DC weekends have to offer, which is to say we had friends over and gorged ourselves on waffles and then went on a very long sunny walk. Please note that awesome chalkboard sign my mom wrote, complete with the trendy misspelling that people do these days.


waffles2Despite the “snowstorm” on Wednesday, it was absolutely glorious on Saturday. We did the slow wander through Eastern Market, the long walk over Capitol Hill and down Pennslyvania Avenue, past the White House (but no tour, of course) finishing our long walk with eating way more than we should have eaten at Founding Farmers.  Finally we dragged our tired selves home where my mom proceeded to thrash us all at card games after pretending not to understand the rules for a couple hands. home^^Pretty pleased to have such dignified guests…and I kept my shades on in that first shot because without them, my de-facto hair these days makes me look like I’m five, as evidenced by the second shot. Whatever. It’s so easy.^^
dcwalkBut the best part of the weekend, the part that I will continue to mull over in my heart and let it seep out to warm my soul, was so many moments like the one in that first picture, moments where I turned around while walking, or peeked out of the kitchen and saw my husband and my father deep in conversation. Nothing makes me happier than watching the man I have loved the longest become close friends with the man I plan on loving for forever.Parents' visit_19Did you enjoy a sunny Saturday last weekend?

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6 Responses to When The Relatives Came

  1. Brooke Cook says:

    What a beautiful line: “Nothing makes me happier than watching the man I have loved the longest become close friends with the man I plan on loving for forever.”

  2. angie stone says:

    To my daughter whom I plan on loving forever……..there is no greater pleasure for a parent than to see the next generation turning out so fine. It was wonderful being at home with you and James.

  3. Liz says:

    you forgot the part of the day when you ran into liz and it was AWESOME!!!!!!
    Just kidding. Those waffles look delicious.

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