Consider yourself warned.

This is a public service announcement to let you know that this blog is about to get real girly for the next couple months. It will be taken over by lovely engagement shoots, beautiful weddings, and all sorts of other feminine things before resuming it’s usual course of truly gender neutral features.

Who am I kidding? You know me. This space is always pretty girly, but James wouldn’t let me do our bedroom in yellow toile so I have to let out my inner Lisa Frank loving, pearl wearing, Disney Princess side somewhere.

But it is entirely possible that it will be a little more devoted to weddings etc. over summer than it has been since the time I dragged you all through excruciatingly long posts recapping my own wedding day. Sorry (ish).

To start it all off, here are a couple shots from a shower that we threw this past weekend for my former roommate Liz. I am so excited about Liz’s wedding this summer and I basically love any excuse to pull my May Day bunting out of the closet. Plus my other former roomie Sarah made this amazing panzanella salad (yep, I had to google it too) so good that it disappeared before the strawberry trifle, multiple cookies, and baked brie.
Liz'sshower3Happy Monday all!

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9 Responses to Consider yourself warned.

  1. Liz says:

    beautiful pictures! Thanks, Hannah!!

  2. Laura says:

    Liz is so pretty!

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