Anna & Wade

WadeandAnna_2A couple weeks ago I headed down to the Tidal Basin at sunrise to take some engagement photos of Anna and Wade. We had hoped that the blossoms would be in full bloom (and by hoped, I mean obsessively stalked the Cherry Blossom web cam), but finally decided that we would have to settle for partial bloom, as the crazy cold spring we had this year stunted the peduncle elongation. (Yes, that’s an official term. I consider myself a blossom expert these days.)  Of course, every other photographer in the area had the exact same idea, which meant the basin was pretty busy that morning.

Despite the cold, traffic, and crowds… it was still pretty amazing. WadeandAnna_7annaandwadecollage annaandwadecollage2 annaandwadecollage3

annaandwadecollage4annaandwade5After the sun fully rose all the way over the Jefferson Monument, we headed to Dupont Circle, where Anna and Wade met, then up to Georgetown, before finishing at Zeke’s Donutz. I am now of the opinion that all photo-shoots should end in donuts.  It was such a joy to spend the morning with these two!annaandwadecollage6annaandwadecollage7annaandwadecollage8

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8 Responses to Anna & Wade

  1. Where’s the donut photo? It needs to be a tradition that you have a photo of the couple biting the same donut or some weird thing : ) They are a beautiful couple though, great photos- my favorite is the first!

    • Hannah says:

      It really should be! I took some, but I was also busy shoving my own face with donuts. If you haven’t been yet you have to go before you leave DC!!!

  2. tracy says:

    I may be slightly biased because the bride to be is my favorite niece. She is beautiful in every way.

  3. Yaya says:

    beautiful pictures, beautiful couple! So excited for you both 🙂

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