A weekend like Spring.

Friday bridal brunch followed by errands and grading followed by a wedding welcome dinner where only two guests were willing to do what it took to stay warm. Christine and Craig’s wedding day with an early morning garden first look, a blue vaulted church, and a delicious brunch reception. Rush home for Derby research then head out with ridiculous hat in place to watch the race. Lots of explaining to James about Derby lore and tradition. Sunday morning brunch and celebrating our visiting friend publishing his first article in the New York Times. Bridal shower for Liz where amazing grain free/sugar free cupcakes joined the list of delicious food from the weekend…dump chocolate ganache on said cupcakes to cancel out the sugar free quality. Head from the shower to the woods then back to Eastern market to take engagement photos for some friends. Crash on couch and watch 24 with husband.springweekend

This weekend was like Spring itself. It was fleeting, fast, and full of gloriously beautiful things. The evenings were chilly but the days were bright and warm. It was one of those weekends with so many things to anticipate that you keep on wanting it to slow down but it doesn’t. It was wonderful… and I am exhausted.

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4 Responses to A weekend like Spring.

  1. Maria Servold says:

    Love the photo of you and Chase!

  2. Leslie says:

    You’re the best around. Really. The best around.

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