Sometimes the days go by too quickly and the week still feels so long. Sometimes there are so many things to do, to buy, to watch, to finish, to start – that you walk around with your head only half in the moment and half fixated on an endless to-do list. Sometimes you are stressed, and you don’t even know why you’re stressed, because life is going just fine, but then you find yourselves reading articles online until you want to cry in the fetal position because everything you are eating will supposedly kill you, and every life choice you are making is wrong, and everyone seems to hate each other in the world, and it’s just too much. Sometimes you just can’t stop comparing your one life with the conglomerate curated best of other people’s lives and it will always come up lacking. Sometimes you are distracted by all this and you are running out the door to do one more thing on that infernal list, and then you look down. And you stop. And you see something beautiful, and fragile, and unexpected. And for some reason, it calms you, and you remember how incredibly blessed we are to live in this one wild, changing, frustrating, confusing, and beautiful world.


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11 Responses to Sometimes.

  1. Leslie says:

    You have to be strong for the baby robin birds. You’re all they have.

  2. jeddacp says:

    i wish i can like this post 10x over… both the writing and the photograph.

  3. This post is humanity, and I feel too many of these things too right now. Keep your head up and stop to enjoy life’s little moments!

  4. Amanda says:

    This. This is my favorite post.

  5. Heidi says:

    Yes. I.e., (for me yesterday) little bitty radish sprouts in the garden. 🙂

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for this cute moment of poetry 🙂

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