Stephen & Leslie

When we did our pre-marital counseling last spring, our mentor couple told us that we would be lucky to find “couple friends,” you know, friends where we both like both of them equally. James and I feel so blessed that we have several couple friends here in DC. We feel especially happy to be besties with this couple. Not a week goes by that we don’t have dinner with them, or watch movies, or play games, and James and I feel a little lost if a weekend comes around and they are out of town. When Stephen and Leslie told me that they were engaged, I promptly burst into tears. I am so excited to share some of their engagement pictures today, and I am sharing way too many because I just love these two so much. engagementcollageengagementcollage2 engagementcollage1engagementcollage3 engagementcollage.4engagementcollage5engagementcollage6 engagementcollage7 engagementcollage8 engagementcollage9 engagementcollage10Can’t wait for October!!!

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15 Responses to Stephen & Leslie

  1. Emily says:

    So lovely, Hannah.

  2. jeddacp says:

    what a beautiful couple!

  3. Judy R De Sigio says:

    How fortunate for Leslie and Stephen to have friends like you as they start out on their “couple life”.
    I am Leslie’s maternal grandmother, But I am honored to be called “Gram” by both Leslie and Stephen. Amazing pictures.

  4. Serious Stephen Ford nostalgia going on in the Zoutendam household.

    • Hannah says:

      Then you best get yoself to that wedding no matter what!!!! (secretly just hoping to regain my role in the Zoutendam Christmas photo taking…)

  5. Liz says:

    leslie is the cutest evveerrrr!!!! love that field.

    • Hannah says:

      Isn’t she though? AND THAT FIELD. We were just driving down the road and saw it and had to stop. There was another car that had the same idea, and they were taking slightly odd pictures of them with their small yappy dog, but we ignored them.

  6. E. Henry says:

    Gorgeous pictures!

  7. Glenda Demmie says:

    What wonderful pictures to have of your special love and commitment to each other. May you look at them often for at least the next twenty years especially when the difficult times come. Sharing the beauty of your relationship with the beauty of nature illustrates God’s amazing love and grace as He has created you for each other. May God bless you Stephen and Leslie.

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